Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster Switch Gameplay

Tidus and Yuna have been remastered for the Switch in FFX and FFX-2, so we dive back in to do some blitzball and some dressphere action.

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  1. FFX battle system is so boring honestly. The rest I like, but I hate the boring battle system. Best part of it is Riku. I actually really like riku's design alot

  2. Tempted to buy, I still have the original disc & the remaster for ps4.. but this game is such a classic I wouldn’t mind buying it again…. ehhhh decisions decisions…

  3. I spent so much time playing Blitzball. I've replayed through this game so many times just for Blitzball. Wished it had gotten it's own spinoff game.

  4. Oh my god…that musical score 'To Zanarkand' is the most beautiful I've ever heard in a video game and I use to replay that continuously when i felt the need for some meditation

  5. It is Teedus though. Kingdom hearts confirms this. Dude in chat is a doofus cuz he never looked into it. Square employees would obviously say tee dus because it is how its said in other games with him. KH 1 opening island. You will see.

  6. I always found Final Fantasy to be great Story's and Movies but Horrible Games. I can't get past the fight style, it's really annoying, only game I have liked with that type of Fight style is SW KOTOR but Kotor doesn't bring you into a special fight scene, it just plays out. It's fine for simple games like Pokemon, but on high res, 3D type games it's just a burden.

  7. do people really like seeing 2 dudes talk about random shit that ANYONE would do or talk about??? why not just let the game play??? humanity is fucked.

  8. Off the reccomendation of a friend I bought this for switch but I don't know much about it! If it's not too much of a pain could someone explain the base plot of the game??? Thank you!

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