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Exclusive Breakdown Of Cetrion's Moves In Mortal Kombat 11

Game Informer’s Suriel Vazquez is joined by NetherRealm Studios’ senior QA analyst Steve Brownback to show off the new character of Cetrion’s full moveset, including a fatality. See all of our exclusive features at…

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  1. We played a lot ofMortal Kombat 2 on Amiga and 3 on PC when I was a kid. We played a little MK4 but I really fell out of the series. Now these new 3D games don't touch that part in me that the old games could touch. I was thinking about buying the 2011 MK but didn't, the next one I didn't like a single bit and now I'm totally out.

  2. As a interviewer you guys needs real sleep, don't rely on Red Bull prep your questions and some feed back. NetherRealm is pitching Mortal Kombat 11 not nostalgia on what reminds you of a past game. I find that to be unprofessional.

  3. Not even into Zoner/Keep away archetype based fighters however, I find Cetrion extremely unique. That full screen low vine grab has definitely peaked my interest considering from the looks of it, could definitely be used for restand situations after amplified. Couple that with her Fire aura barrier, I’m theory crafting some pretty fun setups. Great screen control as well. Can’t wait to lab this beauty!

  4. Why the fuck are you all worried about how excited he is???????? Great character demo with lots of useful tips. Cetrion is definitely a character I will be using!

  5. She seems like a creation of a middle of wanting to create their own “super hero” character – but throw her in the MK universe.

    She just seems really out of place. Her gameplay is standard – but we’ll see.

  6. They need to hurry up and reveal fan favourites such as mileena, rain, smoke, reptile. Like who tf wants jacqui? Cassie? The kollector? Cetrion? Definitely not me. Boring characters waste of roster space.

  7. Disturbing thing is, all you people who keep referencing injustice 2 characters as if, games in general doesn't borrow from one another, it really goes without saying, hence why the high iq game developer ignored that nonsense from the interviewer.

  8. Gross another zone distance characters enough already more combo string based please i tire of wonder he wasnt interested hes dissapointed asking for combos oh she has none oh well then boring

  9. injustice is Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat is Injustice.

    Stop with the "I don't like this character, they belong in Injustice,"


  10. I had to give this video a dislike. I hate how NetherRealm reveals the fatalities for each character. It kinda ruins the experience so I try to avoid watching vidoes that mentions Fatalities in the title, but for them to sneak in her fatality at the beginning of the video. Disrespectful and not worth watching.

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