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Ed Boon On Mortal Kombat's Biggest Misconception

In this Game Informer interview, Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon talks to Ben Hanson about the biggest misconception the public has about the Mortal Kombat series. He also talks about his interest in NetherRealm Studios creating a new IP and…

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  1. Based on the thumbnail I thought he was going to mention how people have the misconception that Scorpion is the bad guy and Sub-Zero is the good guy while it's actually the other way around (talking about the original SZ).
    I think he complained about that as well at some point.

  2. I have a question for you ed the dictator boon : why you don't give every mk characters a 50/50 chance to appear in every new game? Why you abandoned so many fan favorite 3d era characters? Why are you such an asshole and not giving them a chance? Do you know that I didn't buy mk 11 just because you excluded TREMOR TAVEN REIKO! !!!!!???ha! FUCK you NRS and you ed! !! I'm a die hard mk fan! Give us what we want! Mk is my 2nd favorite playstaion video game ever! ! ! ! ! ?

  3. dear NRS here is what i think towards the new mk11…i think the whole game is a mess .this game is boring,MKXL was and still is abetter game guys had 4 years to bring something cooler that this your should have brought a better version of MKXL ooh and the other thing you should have done is bring back RUN and NJP..and some of the characters you put in MK11 are a joke you should have brougt back the likes of tremor not Geras ,the likes of triborg sektor and smoke …please make an update which fix all these issues

  4. I would like to see a mortal kombat Special forces for a remake Instead of shalon monks. OK the original one sucked but if it was remade it would look even better.

  5. Honestly I stopped supporting and buying anything from netherealm studios because of his sick mentality. He rebooted a whole game just to change how subzero was better than scorpion . Sick human

  6. You know you guys have selected and created a great cast of worries for the this game almost from every culture on earth Most every character has a equal but one night wolf Ill keep it simple the myan worrier “apocalypto”

  7. Damn I just got my copy of MK2 in the mail that I haven’t played in 20 years. I have to say I was extremely excited to play. Until I actually got it and Stewart Ed playing. They programmed the game to be extremely hard, even on very easy. I believe this was done as a money grab. They programmed the game like this so kids would shove endless amounts of quarters in the arcade game.

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