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Why The Division 2 Is Off To Such A Great Start

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Matt Bertz, Andrew Reiner, and Jeff Marchiafava talk to Ben Hanson about their time playing Ubisoft’s The Division 2 and how the game compares to favorably to recent games like BioWare’s…

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  1. You know the level of environment detail in this game? It's almost like a tourism promotion. How many of us went around New York to see the landmarks and mission areas that we saw in Division 1?

  2. I swear people are so funny sometimes they get the game then there like "why is division 2 doing so good" fast forward 2 months later , they get bored of it then they make video saying "why is division 2 falling".

  3. With so many shit games come out recently any game that is even slightly better than the rest is considered amazing. It's the Division 1.5, if it wasn't for the new map it could literally be dlc for The first Division. They did the bear minimum, This is what we should have gotten with the original installment. Gamers have to stop lowering their standards for games or we'll continue to get games like Anthem & Fall out 76. Cosmetic items are locked behind Microtransactions, the enemies are still bullet sponges, loot is uninspired and just meh, Enemy types and gadgets just are bland. That being said the new map is gorgeous and somewhat interesting also the shooting is solid. My point is don't herald this game as a major success when it's not its competent at most but we should expect more. Developers like Naughty Dog, Sucker punch, Kojima productions, CD Projekt Red, Rock Star are pushing the bar meanwhile most other developers and publishers are doing the bear fuckin minimum and getting praise.

  4. That feeling when you dont build up hype and then it just gets a ton of hype because it is good from launch ??? This is how you sell games from day one ?? Instant buy for me ??

  5. Great game. The first one was great too if people bothered to go back and play it. A lot of people in the comments are oblivious to the fact that Division 1 was essentially as good as this game after it was patched. Nobody owed Massive a second chance, but it's not the first game that came out like shit, and worked out the kinks later. Final Fantasy XIV being the ultimate example of such.

    Division 1 in the end, was a fantastic game. 2 simply took what MASSIVE (not Ubisoft!) had learned from the first game, and added more to it. New location, more shit to do. Period. Also despite some of the dimwitted comments, Division 2 stands on it's own because it's a good game, not because Anthem sucks and therefor Division 2… the game stands on it's own merit!

    Honestly, just skip the comment section beyond this point. In fact, stop reading right now lol.

  6. my 1 and only complaint…too fast of leveling system. I get it, gamers these days want endgame within 2 days of release, I wish a gaming studio would slow the gamer community down. I personally love leveling in mmo/rpg/looter shooter games, and fucking LOVE this game. It is jsut so damn easy to level to 30. I want it to take some time, and have that feeling of gaining a level as having an impact. Not jsut grind to level 30 as fast as i can.

  7. "It scales really well"
    >Lvl 30 player joins Lvl. 1 player.
    >Enemies become lvl 30.
    >Lvl 1 player dies from one scratch to his little toe.
    YUUUP, scales REEAAALLY well! 😀

  8. Why? Because it took a whole sequel filled with tons of fixes till the game was good last update XD If it was new it'll be broken
    Even the weapon mod stats are broken rn

  9. Im new to The Division.. But.. Omg..its such an awesome game so far..even tho ive been "killed" many times. It keeps drawing me back. Its fantastic ! !

  10. Off to a great start? Are you having a laugh? Lots of people couldn't use most of the skills in the game, due to a skills bug. I actually stopped playing until this was rectified, because it impacted gameplay greatly. Why do i get the feeling that people wouldn't have been so forgiving to Anthem if you couldn't use certain attacks at all..

  11. The division has always had a backseat approach to the story. During the campaign, I had no clue why I was fighting these bad guys, but the campaign is still very fun because all of the levels are master fully designed and very fun. The story is found elsewhere throughout the world in the collectibles and environments that tell the story. I’ve played about 50+ and I can definitely say that it’s worth a purchase.

  12. All Ubisoft ever did in first game was RECYCLE THE FUCK out of the 12-15 gear sets, making the game boring as fuck. So regardless of it having any future, they’ll never add beyond what they plan to recycle the fuck out of. So pass.

  13. After many disappointing games the last couple years… I took a bet on this game and ordered the annual pass with game… I'm not disappointed!

  14. Exactly.. Due to the 'exceptional' launch of Fallout 76 and Anthem.. Division 2 becomes a treat for gamers, especially with their experience with the previous Division, they have perfected it.

  15. Love Tom Clancy but I sometimes wonder if the tie to him is what hurts this story. Like he under performed on the story and ubisoft just has to deal with it.

  16. So stupid ???? ? what the hell where they thinking giving out the same weapon modification attachments big let down on side of creating OP DPS Characters and having a tiny area to boost weapon damage if you wanted to be tech character haven't made level 30 just seems stupid that it's balanced like that I thought the whole point of the game is to grind gear to get better loot to be good at the game while working out ways of improving your character TBH This division 2 is a let down from the get go I believe the background graphics are worse for the most part, mechanical movement hasn't improved at all, made it harder to build a stronger character for PvP, Looting system is Fxxxked like dark zone supply drops popping out green loot and takes forever to find epic gear found one gold gear piece in 4 hours it's actually kind of disappointing overall game wise my honest rating is 5/10 and I think that's being generous yeah plenty of gameplay to be done not easy to reach max level super quickly and have everything completed if your running it solo but the game becomes a build off once you reach max and compared to the last division this one has a fxckloaf of hints that pop up and made the virtual message things you unlock in the dark zone totally pointless apart from having to watch them just so you can continue the mission to unlock another DZ

  17. LoooL 4:50 Look at cool thing: After 2013 misleading Police station shooting we have seen as "pseudo gameplay trailer" of the division 1 they still don't make us INTERACT with the environment just look at things? It's a low level of standards that these kind of "players" (casuals that like to gamble with loot and rpg pts) love to play, it's not a a good game… pfff. stop pushing this narrative.
    Spending 40-50 % of my time in menu setting my self up and then just shooting ppl bullet sponge … I dnt understand.

  18. LOOL the fire animation is really low level and tells what kind of players play this stuff.. no this is njot a flame or inflammatory comment, you would not anyway understand how it is important in such "a beautiful looking game" to nail the fire animation.. come on. We have had MAD MAX level of explosions and others… what is wrong with these developers? Narratively.. let's not start the flame there.

  19. Compared to other looter shooters it started off fine because they basically just made a huge expansion for Division 1. You would have to compare Anthem and Division 1. I don't know how these games "journalists" don't know that.

  20. What's that fashion to like games looter/shooter around the release of bad games ? Do you love the game for what is it ( let's say suddenly there is 10 good release around) or your just bored consumers ?!

  21. Let's say I put you now gta 6 and the last of us 2 , right ? That would be 2 amazing games totally different, would you compare them or you are just totally idiot?

  22. umm great start, maybe…. sux now, lotta people gone already; start by fixing the BS raid, and better gear drops in higher level play (get the same junk in normal as I do running challenge)

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