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Why PlayerUnknown Is Leaving PUBG Behind

In this Game Informer interview with Ben Hanson, the man who popularized the battle royale genre Brendan Greene explains why he’s personally leaving development of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds behind and creating a new development team in…

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  1. the CEO of PUBG doesn't want it to stay just a video game. He's talking movies, comics, cartoons, spinoffs. Netflix called him, etc. I dunno how they could ever turn PUBG into an actual story, part of the brilliance of it is that each individual round of the game's "story" is decided by the players. Besides, it's not that deep anyway. You got a handful of people being dropped on an island to engage in a literal Battle Royale as depicted famously in the Asian movie series of the same name. That would be the format they'd have to go with where it focuses on a handful of the players in the game, of course if it does this in America it's going to be dismissed as a Hunger Games ripoff by people who are NOT fans of the game.

  2. I always thought the acronym PUBG worked out weird. Like normally it spells something, like SWAT = Special Weapons And Tactics. In the case of PUBG though, it's just pronounced PUB-G.

    It's not all bad, though. The game could've been called PlayerUnknown Battle Entertainment instead. lol

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