Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Review

Fantastic world design, exciting combat, and a seemingly unending sense of meaningful progression make it easy to get completely rapt by The Division 2.

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  1. Division 2 is a really solid game I’d give it an 8/8.5 it’s definitely the best looter shooter at launch.

    Division 3 should be for next gen ps5 Xbox 2. And be larger on scale. Set in California think LA /san. Francisco. Think gta map. Plus Ubisoft already have part of the map from watchdogs 2. The dark zone for la should be in south central Compton.

    They should include vehicles. Like helicopters bikes tanks and cars. They could include larger than life bosses like mechs. That way the sky is the limit with enemies rather than just dudes in armour.

  2. I only played the beta for the first one and it was cool, I just got didn’t get around to fully getting into the full game. Thoroughly enjoying this one though, just hit level 10 and I am enjoying the experience playing cooperatively with my crew.

  3. The game is awesome!!!!! The score is solid due to the fact that it doesn't have a story, but I love just being in this world. Every engagement feels really good. The level design is top notch the A.I is the best I've ever seen in any looter shooter out. I love borderlands, but division is setting the bar right now.

  4. I love this game. Definitely recommend. Unfortunately I am one of those that the game has a stuttering problem. It doesn't make it unplayable but it does take away some of the fun.

  5. Final boss is Col. Antwon Ridgeway really easy boss to remember because the True Sons are in control of the capital building so idk where they get that he’s forgettable

  6. ~6:55mins mark the guy in the left says:
    "This is an open-world game, and so you can do a million other things and come back and do a mission, by which time you have no idea what's going on anymore"
    You can do a "million" things in Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3, Metro: Exodux and etc… There is still continuity in their stories. Poor story design is no excuse for poor cohesion between Story and an Open-World format.
    My best guess, Massive spent all their resources making that their world as "1:1" as possible, and forgot about the most important thing in making a video game. A story..!

  7. Do people even listen to reviews from Gamespot or IGN and such anymore? Wasn't it like 14 years ago they weren't allowed to give bad reviews?

  8. Wow Ubisoft rushes out a patch that dun dun dun made the game worse the last time i seen rubber banding this bad was BF3 and we all know how bad that was

  9. …I don't need to see the fricken reviewer…talk about the review!!!! Just show gameplay with a voice over. Stop "fixing" what isn't broken!!! The game should be the focus..not the fricken reviewer.

  10. 8-8.5 for this, no more, change your rating scale please
    i know they gave the 1st one an 8 so now the better game needs a higher score, they have to give it a 9

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