The History Of Devil May Cry

With the upcoming release of Devil May Cry 5, its the perfect time to look back at the famous Capcom series that created stylish-action.

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  1. After you watch this video, don't forget to go to the settings and set the speed to 1.25 to watch it again in Turbo mode.

  2. Downvoting purely for including that ridiculous DmC Donkey Might Cry with the rest of the purely epic Devil May Cry content. And remember, it's because of us 'vocal' fanbase that instead of a DmC 2, we got a DMC 5 with a fever pitch this high. And again, it's because DmC being such a massive failure in terms of sales(like seriously, go look up the sales numbers), that Capcom decided to give Itsuno full directive control rights for DMC 5.

  3. Spent far too much time licking ninja theory ass in this video. Also, internet threats aren't really worth talking about since only gutless worms would ever take them seriously.

  4. I knew Dante from back then, but I was not able to play even one game prior to DMC5 since I did not have a capacity to own gaming console before.

  5. It's so sad people don't get DMC. It was really ahead of it's time in terms of writing for games. They actually got real writers to work on it and not just get the game designers with no experience to do it as was customery.

  6. I had 2 when I was very young on ps2 came with 2 disks never played it much tbh had no idea what I was doing I was like 7-8 at the time I think but I’ve got the hd collection now and 4 and 5 all for £30

  7. This in-depth history of the DMC series was very thorough and well-made. It was nostalgic as heck! The narrator's overreliance on "YouTube Script Reading Voice" is my only complaint.

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