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The Final Verdict On Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Dan Tack talks about his review for From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice alongside Suriel Vazquez and Kyle Hilliard. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast here –

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  1. 13:41 That is me you guys are describing. I hoped from Hell and Hell mode in DMC5 to Sekiro and I don't like Dark Souls. Sekiro is as close as I am going to get to a Tenchu game which I used to love back in the day.

  2. Best Tenchu game ever made. Definitely the greatest Stealth Game ever creatrd as well. Which includes Hideo Kojima himself. I had NO IDEA that Tenchu would return w/ such a high level quality by the Dev Team. Amazing.

  3. Man are these games tired. don't get me worng, i freaking loved DS3, favorite of the series. but this? just yawn. do something else already. correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't calling a game "Dark souls like" a stereotype? exactly. this is is. and it's dull as shit with a Japanese setting.

  4. Oh yeah by far harder than any dark souls or bloodborne. Maybe it's just me but sekiro makes souls looks like a babies toy

  5. The Genichiro fight is so much fun…by that fight I have already let myself go and started to appreciate the boss fights (except the headless fights) ….I absolutely raged my brains out with the blazing bull and Seven spears guy…

  6. i wonder what point he means where there is a difficulty spike? im in the fountainhead palace and im thinking it's toward the end but i didn't notice a spike. I think it's easier now because i've gotten so many upgrades.

  7. Don't like this guy. Comes across as arrogant and aloof just because he played a game early. I get the need to keep it spoiler free but there's alot you can talk about without spoiling and having to remind your colleagues that you can't talk about it. Big man.

  8. How the fuck does The Division 2 get game of the month? You gave Sekiro the same score. Which also makes no sense, given the issues YOU had with D2.

  9. I've reached the final boss twice, killed everything except 2nd Owl and Demon of hatred in one of the runs and I am about to quit because of Isshin. I think difficulty is overdone in Sekiro. I may kill Isshin one day but I simply don't enjoy that kind of exigency. Didn't like Blooodborne either, because I'm not into terror. I love all Dark Souls, their stories, the fact I can get many weapons, armors, get help and feel like I conquered the game. All is good, not all games are for everybody. My ninja game is still Muramasa. ^_^

  10. Am I that one weirdo that didn’t find the game hard at all? I played all the dark souls and as soon as the game said I don’t have to dodge roll I was in heaven. The game rewards you for playing off beat while making you stay on rhythm or face instant death it’s ingenious

  11. Best boss hands down. Great Owl (Father) That is one tricky mother fucker.
    Also it´s so fun looking at dark souls players trying this out and constantly rage when they get hit as they constantly dodging.

  12. Even harder than mastering the patterns is having the stamina to keep making the right moves in a 5 minute long plus fight. I have fought a boss to perfection for 3/4 of the fight and my hands get tired and eyes crossed and I waiver for a second and die

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