The Division 2 Won't Disappoint Solo Players

The Division 2 has a fantastic multiplayer system with some welcome quality of life additions, but it won’t let down those who want to play on their own, either.

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  1. We love the third person game. Completing a task alone in a shooting game means dealing with all situations from contact, take cover, moving constantly between blindages, Then the fighting reaction gradually becomes more sensitive. As the captain of a combat team, you must be able to accomplish many tasks on your own, then tell your team how to deal with the battle situation and protect themselves. We started from the beginning of the game, then try to record most of the completing tasks by one character.

  2. I wanna know if im playing open world and just moving around will i find some other person and kill him or make a group with him ? I wanna know if i would because i wanna find a game like DAYZ

  3. Only play solo. Just downloaded this game and looking forward to playing it. I enjoy to take my time taking in the sights and exploring every nook and cranny. Glad I bought this game and not Rage 2.

  4. played the game for a solid 15 minutes. seemed pretty awesome even in that short amount of time, but haven't had time to see if it's super repetitive and boring later on.

  5. I never can find a straight answer about this every where I look it says something else. I already got screwed buying black ops 4 and it turned out to only be multiplayer. Now its on the shelf collecting dust.

  6. Brilliant, thanks! I've really fancied playing The Division 2. Really enjoyed Splinter Cell all those years ago. But multiplayer has always put me off.

    I like to "be the hero" too and devise my own plan. It can be really distracting listening to all the chat and following the team. Always seem to end up blowing myself up or worse. Also my friends are all over on FS19 at moment. Their weapon of choice is a "Giant Harvester" haha

    The "Back-up" feature sounds great though. I think I'll give this a shot after watching this 🙂

  7. I like to play at my own pace. And analysis the great scenario and graphics why playing. When you play with other people. Your constantly moving and rushing.

  8. I remember original division. Matchmaking was terrible and I couldn’t get better gear when I tried to go into that dark territory zone bcuz u needed friends. N I had nobody 🙁 hope division 2 is better. I love solo, but IK the game would be so much more fun for me with ppl

  9. There's pros and cons for both play styles and I like that the game gives you a choice and never forces you down one or the other. I've never been big into multiplayer gaming. Playing with and against strangers has never been my cup of tea. In this game, I like to go at my own pace, come at my own angles and strategies and basically do my own thing. This does make the game a "one man saves the world" thing, but on the other hand taking down tough enemies and bosses on my own is very satisfying.

  10. Question: Can i really play all this solo even after the end? Cus i don't have PS+ and i hate the idea to buy PS+ just to play the game

  11. I played this for around seven hours total. Map and mission layout was confusing and not well explained and every single time I could never match with people who actually wanted to go in with a plan – got matched and then everyone ran their own ways. Pretty disappointing experience.

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