The Division 2: How To Level Up Fast

Here’s how to max out your level before reaching endgame in The Division 2. Captured on PS4.

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  1. It turns out that this game is the most fun during the period when you're moving between lower levels. Reached level 3? Get rid of all gear and weapons that are level 2 or lower. nice, clean, fun, easy inventory management.
    Once one reaches level cap, all the gear you get matches your level, and it's harder to decide what to throw away to make room for more loot.
    Progression stops.
    not as much fun to play, yada yada.

  2. s preguntas por si me la puedes responder, una de ellas es como poner pinturas a las armas en the divion 2 y otra es que la comida y el agua se pueden tomar para obtener beneficios como en el 1 o como funcionan ahora? gracias por todo

  3. These tips are a bit off. Yes get the perks, yes do your settlement. The real XP comes from friend level 30 already that take you through the game missions backwards. Its over 200k for the last mission with many being 100k+. I got to 28 in less than a day doing this. Leveling up is easy, the rest of the game starts at 30.

    Simply go check the map while in your friend's game to see what missions give you the most xp.

  4. The interesting thing about these "Level Up Fast: videos (not this one in particular) is many of them put up by Division content creators are receiving NEGATIVE feed back.
    Gamers want to enjoy the experience… Especially, for $60-$200… So, the idea of rushing through a game in a day and then complaining "There is nothing left to do!" (even with End Game) doesn't seem that appealing any more judging by many of the comments. It appears the "division" — pun intended — between actual gamers and content creators is growing because average gamers can't play games 24/7, but that forces them take their time so they can enjoy games, ironically.

  5. Yeah leveling tips yeah if you wanted a group good luck leveling up solo game is a huge disappointment because you cannot play through this campaign solo wish I knew that before I bought this

  6. Just scrape each section. Before long you will be over mission level. Im 25 just started 17-21 missions. Every previous area. Clear. Will be 30 by end of missions and everything complete. Why rush?

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  8. Im gonna solo most of the game and i saw this cool solo build that you can take down orange enemies on your own. The green healing gas makes it worth it

  9. Just play missions and side missions with at least one high level player that way you get a lot more for the mission I do that and level up 2-3 times per mission and side mission

  10. Xbox game cub has been amazing and or d2. I've met a few people my lvl and now have people to play with on a regular basis, definitely try it out on xbox!

  11. im at like lvl 21 and obviously wanted to do the lvl 24 mission but you cant until lvl 22 im guessing. and the bounties and side quests are meh for XP i just finished a bounty and got 0 XP for it. so im guessing you can only get a certain amount of XP for bounties per day? but yea i HATE that side missions dont have any matchmaking but the main story does.. literally makes ZERO sense if your a solo player. tried to do a side mission for soem SHD at lvl 17 and couldnt even do it and i had the best gear you could pretty much get at lvl 17 lol good persks a great LMG but the enemies just took to many bullets to die that i was like 2 shotted

  12. I’m stuck on lvl 18 I’ve done all the control points and all main missions I can do right now my next main mission is 24 so I’m trying to get to that, I have all xp perks as well any tips? I mean I know I could do a side mission but I haven’t done a single one and I’m proud for that xD but yea so like I’m really trying to save them all till I really need them

  13. Start by playing all the main mission until you reach lvl 15. Then do side activities until u reach lvl 22. When u reach lvl 22 come back and finish the main missions. This is how I reached lvl 30 in just a three days.

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