Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Bloody Combat Inside Senpou Temple

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, death isn’t the end of your journey. Check out this gameplay clip of us destroying our enemies in the Senpou Temple with some interesting combat mechanics to add into the mix. Captured on PS4 Pro.

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  1. Plunging your katana into the neck of a buddhist monk chilling out and praying must be the worst karma ever. I just really hope these dudes has done something horrible to deserve this.

  2. If only they added a mechanic to grapple dead bodies to throw at enemies or grapple at a wall to do mid air grapple stealth kill *drools even more*

  3. Not gonna lie wish this was a souls type game with this combat. Dif weapons, armor, stats, and coop. Still looks cool but worried the combat and exploration will get dry with being so stripped.

  4. the immortal soldier says he’s ‘infested’ an enemy in the clip keeps dying and literally can’t die and there are strange bugs everywhere, maybe bugs have something to do with the expected ‘dark turn’ of sekiro??

  5. This game looks tight as hell actually… and i kind of like how you progress in this game.. not with stat numbers but new abilities… also love the gushing waterfalls of blood that sprays out of enemies when you stab or tear a hole in them! Definitely going to get this game!

  6. I wonder if Japanese structures were really this huge back then. I mean just fucking beautiful Japanese culture is….huge ass buildings and statues……my heart aches. I would love to live in those time periods. I don't care if I was a slave…

  7. The enemy design in this game is BONKERS. Maybe the best yet fromsoft has created. I mean.. your basically fighting Shaolin Monks who lost their way.. and they are taking you on BARE FISTED. That’s badass.. I was watching the enemy attack style more then Sekiro’s ? this game looks sooooo good. 9 days left lads!

  8. Bloody? Yea ok there is a lot of blood coming out of them but it’s not falling on the ground or walls or other objects, would be cool if it was like that. Then you can call it bloody.

  9. I really love the visuals an the enemy design + combat design. I already ordered it. But there is one concern i have. It's the music playing all the time. The exploring music sound great and fits perfectly for the background. But the fighting music was really annoying after a few enemies. :/

  10. I'm so excited to learn the new way to fight! Dark Souls was my entry point and it completely changed my perspective on video game combats I had till then. This just looks very promising to me!

  11. Omg I was so taken aback at 5:55 when I thought to myself "it's a fromsoft game everybody is crazy and they speak in riddles like fresh fruit?? what's that supposed to mean?"
    this game will be unlike any other fromsoft game we've seen and I can't wait.

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