Pokemon Sword And Shield Trailer Impressions: Secrets, Starters, And What To Know

Our very own Pokemon Master Kallie Plagge and Ace Trainer Jake Dekker go deep into the brand new reveal trailer for Pokemon Sword & Shield. We discuss trailer secrets you may have missed, details that we know so far, and why Sobble is best boy.

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  1. I really hope its bit similar to lets go pikachu/evee. Like riding pokemon and not random encounters. I like to see the pokemon in the wild. It makes the world more alive.

  2. 4:56 probably a battle arena as he is wearing a singular glove on his right hand as if to hold and throw pokeballs… idk though (and it's football😡😡🤣)

  3. -The grass thing looks a tad like the new metal legend with the tail
    -The ruin looks Scottish or mosonic,..
    -Rotation battle?
    There are 3 movements
    Looks like a fresh version of Victorian Britain
    Really hope it’s not fire fighting
    Uk was known as the forefront in claiming land, steel (mines in Scotland)
    There are unique animals here so insterested to see what comes up

    If you want to ask any questions on lore, history species or more my instagram is shiroyager

  4. the stadium is a fight stadium and that swirl is the new dynamic phenomenon in the game that makes your Pokemon huge and that carving on the hill is the dynamic phenomenon in action and is probably a new legendary Pokemon as she said .

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