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New Gameplay Today — Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Tack, Kyle and Jeffm join Leo for a look at the opening hours of the long-awaited definitely-not-a-souls game. We do our best to avoid spoilers, we’re playing on a base PS4, and our review will be on tomorrow!
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  1. This was the most boring commentary and gameplay I have ever seen, honestly. Like standing afk half of the time speaking slowly.

  2. Please don't ever let this guy demo a game for your website ever again. I no longer want to play video games because of this demo. God please kill me now.

  3. I played the game.. expected SO much more from it. Nothing special at all. Plus the game NEVER looked as awesome as it's made to look on the promos. And i played it with maxed settings in 1440 resolution.

  4. If you're complaining about commentary, you clearly are not familiar with Game Informer. If this is your first time here…shut up! GI crew is amazing and so is this video. Leo, Dan, and Kyle are the shit. If you complain about them fuck off and go watch pleb ass ign.
    So annoying, dont comment about them if you have no familiarity. This is what they've been doing since the 90s from game infarcer to silly features in the magazine. The commentary is why a lot of us keep coming back. You want gameplay without talking, there's hundreds of those, go find them and shut up

  5. You know what would be great? If you guys got Tim back to Super Replay this with Tack just like the old Dark Souls Super Replays 🙂

  6. The first thing to do I Shadows is to change the attack and deflect on Xbox one to the triggers and put the prosthetic on the bumpers.

  7. That one dude sounds so pissy about everything the other dude is asking, it made an otherwise great video strange to watch.

  8. Kind of like the posture meter. Its like wrestling games where you have to get them to a certain point before you can pin (kill in this case).

  9. this would do so well if the language spoken was in Japanese and you watch it with subtitles, just to complete that samurai genre feel

  10. When i was playing this game i expected to die alot, not only i died alot, i had to go through more pain. I had to go through a panic and anxiety attack because i died so much that i lost all of my exp and coins instead of being able to retrieve them. Dieing is apart of fromsoftware games but i guess dieing in this game is like getting circumsized at age 70

  11. Thank you for this guide! I followed and it made a lot of things easier for me! Even though i played Bloodborne, this is indeed, a whole other level of gameplay. Thanks again!

  12. Broke my collerbone so I can't work for like a month. I'm going insane watching every video on youtube. This one is 5/10

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