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New Gameplay Today – Samurai Shodown

Suriel joins Cork and Leo to show off early gameplay of an SNK fighter’s 2019 return to form.

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  1. The thing people don't realize is that this is just an updated engine to SNK Heroines. BTW I liked SNK Heroines. This is going to be greater!

  2. SNK spelled it Shodown because they wanted it to represent the Shogun.

    Sidenote: Did he really ask if it had Earthquake though as gigantic earthquake was on the screen? Lol

    Preordering as soon as possible

  3. – Loading times need improvement
    – They need to have a nice VS screen. Samurai Shodown 1 VS screen was the best IMO. Bring it back, it would do great. Also bring back those cheesy quotes for each character when they face each other.
    – Don't know if this can be fixed at this point in time but voices are coming across as very "flat". The announcer is a good example, he needs more passion. Again, Samurai Shodown 1 announcer is a good example.
    – Backgrounds need more animation, things going on while you fight. Come on SNK, you know how to do this.

  4. A lot of the backgrounds are pretty bland and disappointing tbh. The dojo, is the biggest example. But even the forest and Oceanside one are missing movement, animation details that could bring them to life.

    Most of the stages atmosphere feels overwhelmingly dead. I think if they could bring back some more interesting concepts like the ship dock from the original, or the corpse ridden ruined battlefield it would lend a lot of character to it.

  5. Tbh the whole game looks like it needs a lot more polish to keep up with games like street fighter v.

    If they kept it in the oven for another six months I think we’d all be grateful for the level of quality increase that we’d get.

  6. is there a way to somehow learn the story?i was like 15 years old when i played this in arcades so i miss it.but i really liked the gameplay.this is looking almost the same.i hope nicotine will be in this.if not i am ok with yubei or ukyo

  7. Like this game, it was so fun and original when it came out on Neo Geo. But here the animations and graphics don't looks great, I mean we're in 2019. I was expecting a lot better from SNK who used to make incredible games. Perhaps they should take inspiration from Capcom. These guys were on top of their game, it's a little disappointing.

  8. Dude this games visual style shows that kof 14 could look great if it had a style or filter over the models , because this is clearly the same as 14 but looks waaay prettier because of the shading.

  9. I will like to see the crossover of Samurai Shodown X The Last Blade:
    Other crossover can be the following :
    Samurai X
    Soul Calibur
    Battle Arena Toshiden
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    Louis Cha wuxia Characters (Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain, The Book And The Sword, Blade Dance Of Two Lover, Duke Of The Mountain Deer, Smiling Proud Wanderer)
    The Bride With White Hair
    A Man Called Hero
    Highlander (Connor MacLeod, The Kurgan, Duncan MacLeod, General Katana)
    Pirates Of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Hector Barbosa, Davy Jones, Blackbeard, Armando Salazar)
    Batman Ninja
    Ninja Turtles
    Master Of The Universe (He Man, She Ra, Skeletor)
    Wonder Woman
    Galtar And The Golden Lance
    Ash of Evil Dead

    By the way, looking forward for brand new characters as well.

  10. Awesome. Samurai Shodown 2, and 1 are awesome games. Cool to see Earthquake return. Wish the original Kyoshiro from those 2 games returned, as he could kick total ass.

  11. It remindes me mor rather of samsho 4/5sp gameplay wise. Honestly i wouldn't even mind if they'd just keep that games AI intact, the game still would be very nice, but for f#^*s sakes where's KENKI?! The little bar under the health meter indicating how strong your attack would be at the moment. It was a very good mechanic!!

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