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New Gameplay Today – MLB The Show 19

Game designers Nick Livingston and Ramone Russell from San Diego Studio join Cork, Leo and Kato to walk through the new March To October mode, Moments and more. Strap in for a long and informative look at the game, which releases exclusively on…

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  1. The Mets are in the favorites category😂😂😂🤯? Somebody at SDS loves trolling. You can make make a sound case for literally every other team in the division. Nats-Pitching alone keeps them in it. Phils-Added 3 All-Stars, McCutvhen and Robertson and aren’t done addressing their pitching staff. They will mash opponents to death like the Yankees did last year. Finally, the Braves should be even better after a year of maturing for all their youngsters. You can pull any of them from a hat and it makes sense. But the LOL Mets 😂

  2. I have an Xbox One I miss the show last one I had 17 for the PS3 that got the Xbox One since then 0 baseball unacceptable I would kill for the show to be available is there a way I could get it on PC then play it on my Xbox pretty sure I know the answer but any Tech geniuses

  3. Give me Montreal Expos, There are Investors as we speak trying to bring them back. Jays playing at Big O for Spring Training Series. Come On Show Expos. Bring em back.

  4. Any chance to make the controls the same way they were in MLB The Show 18? This new 19 is ridiculous. The other thing… Those "challenges" can we remove that? I just wanna play ball.

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