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Game Informer's Reaction To Google's Stadia Announcement

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Imran Khan, Matt Bertz, and editor-in-chief Andy McNamara share their first reactions to Google’s keynote announcement from GDC 2019 that the company is making a gigantic push into the game industry with Stadia.

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  1. Cloud gaming is nice for a majority, but there are folks like me that CANNOT use it, due to ISP availability where I live. Let's not forget folks that do not even have internet. I have access to cloud games with my Shields but can't use it due to carriers NAT blocking webhooks/web requests.

  2. This literally looks like the most uninteresting thing I've ever seen come to gaming.

    Sorry but this isn't the "revolution" LOL

    Also, how is it exciting to have Google Assistant literally beat the game for you?

  3. If anyone here believes that the game industry will follow EA down a rabbit hole into debt and loss of income are completely insane

  4. Lmfao so many details umm no games price bandwidth usage any exclusives dedicated servers. YouTube compression playing the game itll buffer do to the ping strength also Google has noooooooooo history on the gaming industry dont hype this shit only because Google threw money at you. Playstation has a streaming service and its ass has shit games and it still lags

  5. "game informer" isn't informed at all that this already exists from several companies who tried it for years now. problem is always: ping/reaction time and bandwith. what is needed is internet speed and price.

  6. They be like "streaming games is the future" and I be all "how about getting everyone good enough internet so everyone can use streaming platforms first?" This is like inventing the toilet before inventing indoor plumbing.

  7. You Gus are talking about the lab I get it some people’s internet sucks and can’t be helped so,e just don’t want it but still with streaming becoming mainstream it’s hard to stop you can hold it off but they are gonna make streaming the future slowly but surely

  8. When you said "alright Google" . It activated Google assistant on my phone 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. I think you guys don't get that. I have a PS4. But I would sell the f*ck out that sh*t if stadia were out. It's easier. And sounds less expensive. Who wants to take days to download games. I got internet. But I'm not spending money on no damn gaming computer

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