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Devil May Cry V’s Live-Action Cutscenes Are Absurd And Amazing

The option to see the development versions of cutscenes in lieu of the real ones is strange and hilarious, but oddly perfect for Devil May Cry.

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  1. If you can act your way out of a paper bag, you can act like a tree, and act like a bird, or some kind of animal.
    That's drama. Good references. They don't seem silly at all.

  2. Are you getting the new Devil May Cry games?
    Maybe I will get the second-hand of it. Little bit low on cash.

    Watch the Live Action cutscene

    So how much for the Deluxe Edition?

  3. The final action scene actually looks pretty darn amazing in pre-vis, gives you a really good idea of the angles, lenses, composition, and so on.

  4. The devs have been doing this kind of reference filming since DMC3 if I'm not mistaken. It's a hoot! I'm sure you can find the old ones around here on Youtube.

  5. Gotta love the people whining that these are lame. First off special editions are trash, they are just gated off content sold for a higher price, this is the first one in a while that has something other than some gated off skins (yes I know the announcer, the mega man arm, and skins are in there to and that's stupid). If you dont like the live action cutscenes and here's just a theory dont buy the special edition, or if you have to have the other stuff just dont enable them. Meanwhile I'm planning on buying this, laughing my ass off, and learning about animation production. That's worth my 10 dollars alone and it sucks that capcom felt the need to rip some stuff from the base game for the special edition.

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