Devil May Cry 5 References and Easter Eggs

Devil May Cry 5 features plenty of callbacks to not only the previous games but even external material like the anime and light novels. Here are the most noteworthy references we’ve found in DMC5.

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  1. There is one reference to Devil May Cry 1 on the second mission. Before you enter the hotel, there is a horse statue and if you jump and stand on its head, you will get orbs, a clear reference ( or easter egg) to when you jump on the horse statue's head and get lots of orbs in the first game.

  2. The start of devil trigger song had the first lyrics "Ill Endure The Exile" this was nero's line in dmc4 when he got the yamato

  3. You can also do the rose taunt in midair and do some really epic comboz from that hitstun. Particularly with light enemies though. Can even kill death scissors with it if you're lucky.

  4. Their is an easter egg when dante wakes up and is near the sword sparta. He says "It's my turn to play with sparda" seems like the developers also know their meme humor

  5. You forgot to mention the first time a character in the dmc series rode a rocket fired from a rocket launcher was actually trish in the anime, as she rode one of lady's rockets to reach the top of a certain tower

  6. The regular enemy intros, the S rank callouts, Dante's "not in a million years" line during the Vergil battle are from the DMC reboot. Speaking of the Vergil battle, the color scheme of the battleground, and some of Vergil's behaviours in the fight (like the doppelganger and blocking mid-combo during when he's at low health) are taken from that game as well.

  7. What's also cool about Dante throwing the rose, is the fact that you can juggle with it. This is sick because Dudley's taunt (SF 3rd Strike) is the same exact thing, he tosses a rose which allows him to extend combos.

  8. You've forgotten about Artemis & Gilgamesh. Two devil arms from the previous games.
    Moreover, most of the people don't know but Devil Sword Dante is actually reused design from one of Capcom's Monster Hunter game.
    Plus after Nero rescues Lady from Artemis, V says "I'm glad you look so well." Which lady replies as "you too, I guess…" thinking the time in the prologue where they first met with Trish & Dante. But the thing is V was recalling the time of DMC3 in Temen Ni Gru when he said he's glad to see her again.

  9. Tony Redgrave was actually main protagonist from Resident Evil 4 until Capcom change it. He is cool as Dante or Leon. Introduce as police officer and son of Oswell E. Spencer

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