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Control Only Has One Gun. Here's Why It's Awesome

In this exclusive video feature for Remedy’s Control, lead designer Paul Ehreth and narrative director Brooke Maggs join us to explain the Service Weapon’s forms, hint at its mysterious origins, and show off exclusive gameplay of the weapon in…

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  1. Damn, I had this weapon concept thought out years ago, and only just started fleshing it out to eventually make something of it later. Too slow though.
    Sad day.

  2. Game looks good but I really really hope the gun has crazy forms they arent telling us about. The game has such an interesting SCP-esque premise and so far the gun's forms are just reskins of guns we have seen in literally every game ever. C'mon Remedy, give us lasers and black hole guns or something

  3. This is some of the worst gun play I have ever seen in a video game, 3rd person shooters just doesn't work, especially in this.

  4. The one thing I'm not liking is the closed spaces… So it's a game where you are in the same building the whole time? If it were a horror game I'd understand but not an action game like this where you can fly. I'll wait til the review i guess. Looks cool.

  5. I understand he's probably nervous but this guy is not selling this game very well with his monotone and sulking delivery.

  6. i would LOVE to see a shooter one day where the "CANNON FODDER" npc's consisted of female antagonists. not just "boss fights," but within the slew of usual slaughtering that the main character conducts from beginning to end. or am i "OVERESTIMATING" dev bravery here? #feminism?

  7. As a woman she is too weak to carry more than a sidearm. This clearly is SJW game for Karens. If they wanted men to play this, they would have made bigger boobs and ass to look at, like in tomb raider.

  8. There is nothing new about it, but the concept is still good enough. By the way, the last time when I saw similar type of weapon was when I played BloodRayne 2 of all things(good game, btw, way better than reviewers claims).

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