Battlefield V – Firestorm Battle Royale Reveal Trailer

Firestorm is a brand new Battle Royale mode coming to Battlefield V, arriving March 25.

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  1. I was never a fan of battle royal games. But this looks good. The graphic look amazing. Theres things you can't do in other battle royal games. Delete Fortnite. Shut up and take my money!

  2. Shame my entire clan dont play this as you wont provide RSP. Battlefield V is DEAD to clans. we are back playing 4 again. In fact we even rented a server for BF3 again 2 weeks ago just to have some variation.

  3. I know this is not the right to umm say this but we need to you to fix the tiger skin challenge….. It said that I have 5/6 letters but i have 6 letters and what the hell is that? wow!! your going to make a challenge that your
    not going to give a skin for the tiger!
    why everybody has this The Last Tiger skin and others dont have becouse its bugged…… Fix this to pls

  4. I wish they did the battle royale map like the big ass fields in France. It would make it more intense and especially adding Stukas to it would make it horrifying when your squad is getting dive bombed by a Stuka

  5. This had so much potential to be one of the best and most unique BRs out there but unfortunately, I was locked away behind a paywall and forgotten about a month after release… shame?

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