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Answering The Outer Worlds' Lingering Questions

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, we Skype in The Outer Worlds’ co-directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky from Obsidian Entertainment to answer more than 70 questions from the community about the upcoming RPG’s story, gameplay, and much…

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  1. Will there be a " Guardian of the Galaxy 2 " type situation in the game?

    Example: Starlord saves the Golden Government lol don't know their actual names. And then Rocket decided to steal their batteries without his leader's knowledge. And then that same government betrays his whole team without his knowledge until they were ambush in space.

  2. I'm also wondering since there are 2 Planets and 2 Different types of Government.

    Will you be able to save one Government and destroy the other one with 2 different reputations?

    Or if you save one Government then your a hero in the other one because they will know your heroism in the other one?

    Also if one Government have a bounty on you and the other one loves you for saving them then can they pay off your bounty?

    Or will both Governments have the same reputation on you?

  3. Can I play a charismatic idiot I want to play a dumb valley girl who somehow convinces people of anything to get what she wants lol

  4. Obsidian is doing the game right, not making it huge and feature everything, making it feature a good amount of select and polish content and features

  5. They should have matthew (singh) there too, he explins so good and is so handsome and relatable as gamer… (mostly handsome)???

  6. I like the way leveling will work in this game, because if I change what type of character I want to be, I can use XP to level up those weak skills. For example, I suck at stealth in Fallout games, but I love playing stealth characters, so I use non stealth skills, then use that XP to level up my stealth so I can actually use it. It’s great.

  7. I’ve probably watched this like 5-6 times, i think what i love about this interview is you can tell that Leonard and Tim are fans of video games, even more modern ones. Its so humanizing and genuine

  8. Cain and Boyarsky are an absolute joy to watch and listen to. They have a wealth of experience making games and you can tell these guys are having a lot of fun making this game—or at least hiding the crippling stress very well.

  9. I bet this game is not going be good. I’ll wait on this one. I’m not falling for no more hyped train games!

  10. I'm going to buy this first bcoz it's amazing and second and more importantly that the developer are honest and straight forward no bullshitting the gamers. I hope amazing developers like these gentlemen reach big and hit big, they deserve it. Keep up the good work.

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