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94 Rapid-Fire Questions About Control

Control’s game director Mikael Kasurinnen sits down with Game Informer’s Leo Vader for almost a hundred poorly lit questions about the upcoming sci-fi shooter from Remedy Entertainment.
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  1. Glad they talk about Mad Max, since it’s one of the most underrated games and just doesn’t get a lot of attention. They’ve done a good job on all of the games they’ve been involved with.

  2. Ahti was apparently right about how important vacations are to Finns. The guy is willing to dedicate both of his remaining wishes to vacations lol

  3. I hate that there isn't a new game plus. Just scale the levels of the enemies. Makes the level 6 vi infinite mods kinda wasteful. They just don't get much use by the time you get them. Then again.. there's SHUM. That gives some replayabilty

  4. 8:01 So perfectly put. I think it starts out as a quasi-horror game and becomes less so at an inverse correlation to the character progression as you develop that power to basically Magneto everything in your path. (But the fact that they were self aware about this was something that helped make its design aesthetic so effective.)


    Incidentally I think this is also why so many horror games with combat components lose a lot of tension once you get a shotgun.

    It's tricky to do something between the more modern school of horror games (Amnesia, Outlast, etc) that have no combat at all and thus imo lose some dynamicity in gameplay, and the older school of horror games that have a lot of action so once you get better weapons like shotguns and flamethrowers the horror disappears.

    Of course the early Silent Hill games were really effective at straddling that line; the best I've seen in the last few years was The Assignment and The Consequence DLC for The Evil Within 1. You rarely use a gun but your flashlight performs a lot of gun-like functions which I thought was super cool and made for really solid horror gameplay.

  5. Ive played about 40 minutes of Control and so far its not grabbed me. Is it worth continuing? I dont want to be like one of those AHs like the critics who panned Days Gone after only playing 10 minutes. Control just hasnt made me want to play more at the moment.

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