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Will The Outer Worlds Live Up To Fan Expectations?

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, the Outer Worlds co-directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky talk about some common misconceptions they see online about the gameplay, scope, and length of Obsidian’s next RPG. See more exclusive videos…

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  1. They're trying to avoid a "No Man's Sky" fiasco; which I applaud. Having said that, this is the first I've heard that it's not a sandbox RPG. Kind of a bummer, but I'm stoked to at it.

  2. I feel like phobias should be a starting debuff and then decrease with encounters as you’re character would become more comfortable. It seems odd that increased encounters where you win combat makes you develop a phobia.

  3. Futurama the game? Is the character creation deep enough to allow for a fry character to be built with detail? Or even a bender companion possibility? So modding capability if not… modding on switch?! This would be a big jump if they decided to be the first company to allow modding through Nintendo… sure from Nintendo’s angle as well… the ball is in their court, if they fuck it up well it’d be a shame for players everywhere. FACTS

  4. this games basically gonna be free anyways if you already pay for xbox live every month,so if you pay full price for it and get disappointed its your own fault imo lol

  5. I am buying this game solely off of obsidian’s reputation! I have played most of their big titles and have never been disappointed. I have no doubt they can create yet another classic with this one!

  6. "You can never compete with people's imaginations because that's unlimited budget right there."

    That was a good way to put it. I do enjoy the game. I think the graphics & frame rate could have been better if they had a higher budget, but I still think game is good despite that stuff. I was actually in the first area for like 5 hours because I was doin side quests and stuff.

  7. IMO I think this game was too short. Like this game sets up a whole giant system and universe with a lot of lore. Would’ve been nice to have a bigger game to fully explore that.
    I’m hoping that in a sequel the game will be bigger and more polished. Probably will be since it’ll be Xbox-funded.

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