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Why Crackdown 3 Is The "Pinnacle Of Mediocrity"

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show, Jeff Cork talks about his review for Sumo Digital’s Crackdown 3 for the Xbox One and why he wishes that the gameplay was more innovative. Kyle Hilliard also explains why it feels like a game from 2009,…

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  1. Microsoft has gotta get their heads out of their asses here, at this rate sony will start up-charging for the dumbest things just because they can get away with it. This is not healthy for the community as a whole.

  2. It was fun for a few days, but really isn't anything more than what Crackdown 2 should have been (and technically could have been). It's sort of like firing up my 360 again and just playing Crackdown again, but without the harpoon gun.

  3. I enjoyed Crackdown back on the 360, it was pretty good.
    Crackdown 3 though, i couldn't be less interested if i tried, i actually keep forgetting it even exists. After 10 plus years of boring ass open world games i just don't give a shit.

  4. Trough Game Pass,Crackdown 3 is a solid Game.I played yesterday a few hours and it was quiet fun.But for 70 Bucks,not really worth a buy,too unpolished and Retro.

  5. I don't under stand in every review say the game is good but feel like a Xbox 360 game. Fornite is not the most visual game y fact is cartoony and is a fun game. Honest try the game and you be the judge. I understand that Microsoft try to put the game as 3 AAA but this is the error of Microsoft. But is a good game my opinion good Gamepass title for buy a game when put cheap price yes. Full price not to buy honestly.

  6. All I can say is I hope Xbox next gen straighten up because this is easily one of the worst gaming consoles when it comes to exclusive games. Og Xbox was amazing same with 360 until the Kinect but Xbox one dear god…..

  7. Been playing for some hours now and love it. It's Crackdown! And imo easily the best one to date. I start playing this game and hours fly by. Pure fun.
    So glad i didn't listen to the negative reviews.

  8. Probably 19 of 20 comments are from people who haven't played it. I've finished the campaign now for the second time and I really had a good time. Yep, it's nothing new and yep, it can't live up to the expectations. But it's quite an enjoyable experience in my opinion.

  9. I am actually enjoying this game a lot sure it’s not triple A gaming created with a 100 million dollar budget but it’s one of those time waister turn your brain off fun time type games.

  10. Just want to comment. I own both a ps4 and one x and enjoy games in general regardless of the console they're on, and i have to say, crackdown 3 is excellent, and plain simple fun, for me anyway.
    Its not rdr2, its not spiderman nor god of war, but ive enjoyed this more than spiderman and rdr2!
    Will never trust reviews ever again.

  11. It’s not a complete flop, Terry Crewes is in it.Seriously, Xbots, there always the completely free to play hit: Fortnite, which looks cooler than this heap of doo-doo.

  12. Microsoft told us that this would be the game that was going to keep us in the Xbox camp. Then I saw it, back before it was, supposed to come out……..and now I have a PS4, and I haven't looked back. This game was in the oven for 6 years, and it's STILL under cooked. I'm willing to bet you, that WHENEVER Last of us :Part 2 comes out, it'll actually look like they spent time on it. THAT'S why I sold the Xbox and bought a PS4.

  13. The amount of console war kids in this comment section makes me feel like I am 12 again.
    Companies don't give a shit about you, your loyalty means nothing more then you emptying your wallets to them.
    Companies are not a friend, don't treat them that way because when push comes to shove they won't treat you with the loyalty you gave them kiddos.

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