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The Outer Worlds Exclusive Coverage Trailer

Get ready for a full month of exclusive content from Game Informer covering Obsidian’s upcoming RPG The Outer Worlds. We’ll be showing new gameplay, interviews with the original creators of Fallout Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, and Obsidian’s…

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  1. "And then they were, the corporations took to the stars, an infinite source of greed at their disposal… and what they left behind… well here in the Outer Worlds, they left behind us…"

  2. Youtube Game Channels: "Alright! *cracks knuckles* Time for a 10 minute video of wild speculation and unchecked hype!…"


  3. What date does the magazine come out in the mail?

    My buddy has a sub but he always throws it away after.

    Man I need to tell him to save it for me for that cover.

  4. So don't get too excited about this game then ?? Sounds like they have teamed up again just to hangout .. have a laff and make a few quid on the way and couldn't give a shit about the outcome coz there loaded anyway !

  5. Very cool Moebius like art near the end of the video. But the 3D shown does not really replicate it well. Honestly I just dont trust this obsidian after the boring fest that were POE.

  6. In the advent of all the shortcomings from EA, Activision & BGS, I am SSSOOOOOOOO looking forward to getting & playing this game!

    I believe for now, that Obsidion is 1 of the very few developers still around who give a shit about the people who buy & play their games. I have no reason as of yet to think otherwise.

  7. Just dont go with Epic Store Games exclusive, this game needs to be on every launcher. If its a good tight game i will definetly buy it and who know maybe this will be the next game that everyone expected a fallout game to be.

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