Resident Evil's Complicated Ties To Dead Space

With the release of Resident Evil 2 Remake, we look at the numerous ways Dead Space and Capcom’s horror series have competed, co-existed, and learned from each other.

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  1. I remembered screaming when the necromorph jump scares me from behind. I love how the developer made the spawn at random. REmake 2 in the otherhand is only scary when you played it the first time because you can anticipate which zombie or licker is gonna hide. Heck i dont even scared of mr X anymore.

  2. No franchise of a certain size is ever truly buried. I would be amazed if ten years from now, there hasn't been another SIlent Hill game, or another AITD reboot, maybe a Castlevania reimagining, a suprise Dino Crisis..

  3. Has this commentator ever played a Resident Evil game? Many of the things that he credited Dead Space with (no HUD, "turning on a dime") were in RE1 in 1996, and also in RE4 in 2004, the game that, as explained in this video, heavily inspired Dead Space.
    I also love Dead Space 3 🙂

  4. they struck a great balance with the "move while shooting" thing in RE2. if you move your aim unfocuses which drastically lowers your damage and chance of scoring a critical hit.

    so you're basically trading safety/mobility for ammo.

  5. Resident Evil 5(2009) didn't come out until after Dead Space 1(2008). Resident Evil wasn't a heavy action oriented series at this time, sure Resi5 was set in Africa but we wouldn't know where Capcom would try to take the franchise until after it's release, plus Dead Space having the ability to move and shoot made Resi5 feel very dated. but both games still looked and played great for different reasons and it would appear that Dead Space tried to follow in the Resident Evil footsteps of going action heavy and failing miserably. I miss Dead Space but I'd miss Resident Evil more if I had to choose.

  6. Recently finished RE2 Remake and it really made me think of Dead Space all throughout. I'd like more AAA TPS action/body horror games.

  7. I'll never buy another game from EA after what they did to Visceral and closing them down, and shelving the Dead Space franchise.
    Absolute shame. R.I.P. Dead Space & Visceral Games.

  8. I wish Sony would buy the Dead Space license from EA and bring back the core Visceral team to make a sequel.
    But that will never happen.

  9. Dead space is much better than resident evil, u can upgrade inventory, armor, & weapons dont need credits to b upgraded unlike resident evil, & melee combat is so awesome…..
    In resident evil, u have to share everything with ur partner, so the equipment become fewer & fewer.
    And in melee combat, u have a shitty bread knife, that cant even be upgraded, and the inventory too, cant be upgraded from 9 slots to 12, 15 or more….all that resident evil has is a sexy female character in every installment, that's all.

  10. Capcom saw dead space 1 & tried to beat that, & released resident evil 5 2009 but failed,then tried to beat dead space 2 (2011) & released resident evil 6 (2012) but failed too, then tried to beat dead space 3 by lost planet 3, but failed!!!!!??
    EA is the best?

  11. I haven't played a resident evil game since the very first one that came out and I think I tried part 4 or 5 but I didn't like it so I didn't make it very far but resident evil biohazard looks like it would be very cool it's free on Xbox game pass is it worth playing though ? I never played any of the Dead space games I started part 1 it didn't really interest me that much so I started part 2 and it was kind of the same thing I felt like I had to force myself to play it , I think that's been a lot of games here lately I just want that one game that I can't wait to get home to play it

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