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Obsidian's CEO On Microsoft And The Outer Worlds' Future

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Obsidian Entertainment’s CEO Feargus Urquhart talks about why they decided to let Microsoft purchase them, the studio’s “three-ish” current development teams, and what Microsoft means for the future of…

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  1. I really hope the decision of not selling your game on steam on day one does not cause you that much trouble.
    I love obsidian as a studio and I'll gladly support them but I guess most people on PC won't.

  2. As a studio they seem human and fallible. It's refreshing in a world where most developers have play such shady charades and don't offer any transparency.

  3. I really like post apocalyptic games sadly we dont have many interesting ones. After the fiasco of Fallout 76 I felt empty, but luckily Metro Exodus was release.

  4. How cool would it be if obsidian made a open world halo game… not as a spartan but as a Marine soldier. Loot grunts, elites, other soldiers, fallen Spartans… just saying. It would be sick!

  5. Great Interview. Very informative. I like how Feargus is open to talk about different things I think most companies don't want to share with their consumers in a sincere way. It seems like they genuinely care about their consumers by the sounds of how much effort they have put into Outer Worlds. They want us to really enjoy playing this game over and over. More reasons why I am definitely going to buy Outer Worlds. Not only does it sound fun to play but it is described in a way where I shouldn't expect much but I am going to be surprised either way.

  6. I hope the Outer Worlds future is working properly. I will get the switch version because then I wont have to go through the hassle of tinkering with different things to try and get it to work.

  7. Is there any chance that Obsidian is going to fix the glitches and bugs with Outer Worlds? Or are they just releasing a game and then ignoring the fanbase?

  8. 7:18 – so that means "yes" but they don't want to hurt marketing. Man, if I have to go and buy an Xbox next gen to keep playing these games I'm going to be real bummed. Playstation IP's I prefer so much more but this game is SO good.

  9. This guy is the reason Obsidian has gone through hell. He constantly makes horrible decisions and runs the company like a narcissistic tyrant. The rumors we hear about horrible upper-management are aimed at this guy. Watch 'Why did Chris Avellone leave Obsidian'.

  10. I hope Obsidian makes some new IPs that are different and innovative. I'm someone who loves RPGs, but I feel it would kinda get stale overtime if all they released was RPGs one after the other. Obsidian is such a talented studio, and I feel they can create anything they set their mind to. I want those classic RPGs from Obsidian, but I'd also like to see something new that's outside of their comfort zone. With that being said, if I had to make a list of my top 10 favorite game developers/studios, Obsidian Entertainment would be on that list.

  11. The lead writer for Fallout New Vegas and the other lead writer its DLC (and for Kotor 2 and Alpha Protocol) both left Obsidian a while ago. I havn't played the many other games this company has made so I have no idea what to expect from them now.

  12. never new much about this studio. thanks for publishing this. New vegas was one of my favorite fallout games – because of this going to check out the outer worlds

  13. I imagine now their work will be getting dumbed down for console ports. No way MS will be throwing AAA money on games that won't play well on xbox. This is a net loss for PC gaming enthusiasts IMHO. I hope I'm wrong.

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