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New Gameplay Today – Dirt Rally 2.0

Kato joins Cork and Leo for a crash course in what exactly Dirt Rally is and why it’s worthwhile!
Dirt Rally 2.0 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 26.

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  1. Finally another game for people who likes the dirt series yet hate the land rush and buggy class. Grew up with the early colin mcrae games and thats why i hate land rush and buggy.

  2. Original Dirt ps4 xb1 was too real based then Dirt 4 was a more playable game it sounds like Dirt 2.0 is going back to the Bad Old Days of Dirt when car was constantly in the gutter on every corner exit

  3. Dirt Rally 2.0 is looking to be exactly what most Rally fans expect. A simulator. It's supposed to be difficult. Glad to see it and also the upcoming VR Oculus coming this summer.
    Love it!

  4. Imo, Dirt Rally was great if you like sim. Dirt 4 was dissapointing because it was something between sim and arcade, which never really made it interesting and thrillfull. Hopefully Dirt Rally 2.0 nails it and gives us, what we want. I'm ready to buy the Thrustmaster cablehub and sparco handbrake, just for that one game if it turns out to be as great, as the first one ?

  5. The Dirt rally series are more focused on simulation, whereas the Dirt series is more Arcady and forgiving, in Dirt Rally you cant throw it into a hairpin at 90mph and get away with it like you can in the Dirt series, this is supposed to be harder and more like the real thing, hence why real rally drivers play this game lol

  6. Why didn’t you just have a woman drive and review the game, you’ve missed the whole point anyways so we could of at least seen some tits.

  7. Wow…. have you ever driven on a dirt road fast in real life? Brake before the turn and brake earlier than on pavement especially if you're going downhill. Also, if the turn is a right turn try to place your car on the left of the road, brake, hit the inside of the corner and exit to the left side of the road and vice versa. Just trying to help I noticed you didn't brake much.

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