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New Gameplay Today – Devil May Cry 5

Leo is joined by Joe, Suriel and Imran to talk through brand new gameplay footage from Devil May Cry 5, including the new character V.

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  1. goddammit !! join some english classes bro . your accent and everything that u speaks doesn't make any sense . it seems as though u don't even know the exact meaning of the word . And guys …do take my comment seriously and focus on what u speak in order to grow ur channel .

  2. My personal Virgil theory. He got “split” into a human form (V) and a pure demon form (main bad guy which has a nelo Angelo look), and the human form came to Dante to help the pure demon form from acquiring “more power”.

  3. Damn i feel like im gonna die before it ever get out time passes so slow since i saw that pre order in the play store none of my other games apeal to me anymore im just dying to play dmc5

  4. I hope this paves the way for more DMC games without another 10 year wait. Was 8 when DMC4 was out, now 19 and excited for DMC5, don't want to reach 30 to play DMC6 lol

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