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New Gameplay Today – Apex Legends

Javy talks to Cork and Leo about his experience playing the surprise free-to-play battle royale from Respawn that launches today on PC, PS4 and Xbox after only being leaked five hundred times this weekend!

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  1. EA Respawn: "Pilots are dumb, titans are chaos!" We don't care if it's free, we bought the 1st & 2nd game.. because it was UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE. There is nothing ORIGINAL here. Heroes & specialists are CRINGE. Please go back to your roots, Respawn. Why not give players what they ACTUALLY ASK FOR? Wasted dev time. This is 100% the OPPOSITE of Titanfall. Please stand by for C A S U A L F A L L. Respawn got "T H I R S T E D" by EA. 😵 #NotMyTitanfall 💔

  2. What mishead of this ea. When resident evil 2 remake sells like hot cake they dont make dead space game. God damn it even remake nfs 2 something instead if this. They making skins not game skins with same game over and over. İ wish the god damn putb own battleroyake rights and we didnt get these unstead if. People say what if id not allow the fps or deathmatch backthen ? İts not same paper.

  3. Like the special power idea and each chararcter has more personality than Fortnite. No dances is also cool.
    Squad play is interesting, now it depends with whom you're playing. I guess they're experimenting before launching the solo mode.
    It's good to have competition, I'm pretty sick of Epic arrogance after the success of Fortnite.

  4. Im in 6 minute of the video and I wonder does you still shoot in games those days? like, dou you remember when in shooters you actually were shooting? for 6 minutes he just pick weapons and dont use them even once.

  5. 6 mins into this video and still havent seen you guys run into a single enemy player. I'll never understand why people play BR games. 95% running around doing nothing and 5% action. If ya like BR games cool, but Im hoping this genre dies down soon.

  6. This at least looks like the most interesting and polished battle royale out there that isn't COD, but it's still mostly running around for 20 minutes looking at loot on the ground and then getting into fights that last one minute before you die and restart the whole dreary process, unless of course you're good at games or something, pfft.

  7. Bloodhound and wingman decked out. Thank me later. This games movement doesnt feel lighter than blackout. That's a straight up lie moving to the right or left while running forward kills momentum and wont let you slide.

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