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New Combat Gameplay And Details For The Outer Worlds

In this exclusive Game Informer video, The Outer Worlds’ co-director Tim Cain and lead designer Charles Staples show off new gameplay and talk about designing a satisfying RPG combat experience (inspired by Fallout: New Vegas) for Obsidian’s next…

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  1. Even for early footage this looks pretty awful. The characters and faces just look stiff and emotionless and the combat pretty janky like FO4. Not things that can be easily fixed before release. That coupled with the Epic Store exclusivity deal means I’m giving this a pass. Maybe when it’s on a Steam sale in a year or two, but unfortunately this is one I can live without.

  2. I was so hyped for this game man, but it seems to me like the gunplay isn’t all that exciting and the environments look like Far Cry 5’’s…I think I’ll stick with my pre-order for Borderlands 3. 😁👍

  3. another game where you basically go around shooting people in plain sight no tactics no use of covers nothing even remotely realistic. You could say that'a a fantasy game which is true but I find much more satisfying when you have to move and behave with a bit more of intelligence and realism. otherwise it's boring.

  4. I don't know if the combat or even the story is going to be good but damn… that is one awesome looking scythe!
    I hope we can tailor our characters into specific combat styles, similar to the fallout games, like going all melee or just sticking with guns.

  5. Imo the moden fallouts are rated from best to worst like: Fallout New Vegas>>>>>Fallout 4>Fallout 3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fallout 76. So for the New Vegas reason alone I'm excited af for this game

  6. Mass Effect, Fallout, Elder Scrolls…all wrapped in one game. I am SO ready. My only complaint is the blood splatter when shooting enemies, but its minor.

  7. Only reason I'm gonna get this game is because Bethesdas train wreck 76 suspended me for too much ammo and I need a new fallout like game, since this is made my the people who made nv hopefully it has some of it's qualities that made nv great

  8. This trailer really really did it for me. The characters and the world and the freedom of approach you have just makes me wanna explore it for hours and hours. Feeling super secure about my pre-purchase.

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