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Inside The Development History Of The Outer Worlds

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, The Outer Worlds’ co-directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky discuss the origins of their game at Obsidian. Cain and Boyarsky started their partnership with the creation of the first Fallout at Interplay…

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  1. I forgot what it's like to have an honest person just speak about playing games, because they just want to. No microtransactions or PR bull, just….games. We can see the love and I hope you sell millions because I am definitely buying this awesome game 😀

  2. This is too wholesome. Alexa I'm not crying you are, also play despacito 2. I don't know the scope of the game, but I can tell it's being made with love.

  3. I HOPE this raises the fucking bar. i HOPE this snaps people out of it. i HOPE that they bring us a feeling that Fallout classics and NV brought.

    this current environment of micro transactions and lootboxes is so cancerous.

    a quote from a EA dev trying to cover himself was that Games are harder and more expensive to make, thats why they put in micro transactions… BUT YOU ASSHATS STILL DIDNT FINISH THE FUCKING GAME! ITS LESS OF A GAME THEN YOUR PREVIOUS TITLE! not only that. YOURE A MULI HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY!

  4. I feel like publishers have too much power over their developers. Not one developer has greed in mind (usually). EA is slowly learning that people won't put up with it. Itll take a few years, maybe more, but I think if we keep expressing our hate of micro transactions and such we can actually get them to just support the devs and shut up.

  5. Now I hope they wont pull any……overly done grind fest to leveling,obtaining things. Like take over half hour to gain a level once your level 70s & up. A .05% rare drop rate for almost all foes. Like 2 past games have done this.

  6. they need to make the subtitles bigger.
    they are really too small.
    at least double size and dark translucent background, because I guarantee you people who are deaf or hard of hearing will struggle if these stay as small and light :/

  7. The hype, oh my god the hype. I know this game will make me feel like a kid again, back to the good old days of gaming. I cant wait to play this (pre-ordering, obviously). High hopes guys.

  8. Don't you think we have evolved past the point of a character walking around with their gun drawn? It looks so unnatural. Just walk everywhere with your gun pointed forward? Does your arm never get tired? PUT IT DOWN!

  9. lol everybody was so excited and optimistic for this game but once they said it was an epic game store exclusive they became vilified by the community

  10. Screw your game! Bringing console exclusivity to our PC gaming you would make more profit releasing on all platform instead Epic waved money at your face and 2K demanding it.

  11. I love these guys. I will gladly throw my money at their video games. Brilliant in every conceivable way. I am so excited that I am excited for this game!

  12. i am very excited.i already preorder it.creators from fallout 3 and new of the best parts of the series.come on.former fallout designer makes a game.bought.period.

  13. I was gonna buy this as well as 1-3 more copies for friends, but fuck Epic and Tim Sweeney. I'll still be able to play it though. Yo ho!

  14. A long time ago I heard that the original Fallout game was going to be a time travel game, Tim talked about it once and I still to this day want that game to be made.

  15. I would love obsidian and Bethesda to work together again on Fallout. I would give obsidian free reign and a reasonable time table to get it done.

  16. I like the "test your shit" message inside the game world. Can't emphasize enough how important it is to test every single feature that is programmed and make sure it works as intended. Easier said than done though and very time consuming.

  17. One of the best game in couple of years and just overall superb game! One of my favorites already. DLC may be? Addon? Sequel? Please!

  18. Really underrated line. Serious clap back on awkward games critics. "The games humor is too much like Fallout…" "Thats MY humor… I can't change that." Boom.

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