How To Make Metro Exodus The Most Hardcore FPS Ever

Metro games are known for being hardcore first-person shooters, and Exodus is no different. However, if Metro Exodus’s Ranger Hardcore setting isn’t enough for you, Jake finds ways to make the experience even more intense.

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  1. The lack of HUD for my throwables is actually one of my favorite parts of the game. Without a counter on my screen, I find myself picking up each one and remembering that I have it. I tell myself each time “oh cool, a 3rd Molotov—I need to be sure and keep an eye out for good opportunities to throw one”

  2. I would legit advice against full dive . In my humble opinion it doesn't display anything that breaks the games great atmosphere but it will stop a few really dumb over sights . Think qte events without the button prompts. Dying over and and over trying it figure out the button it wants is .. well If I gotta spell it out for ya let's be real you will never play this kinda game

  3. That was informative and pretty entertaining as well.
    I won't do the Full Dive thing since it makes no sense when playing a GAME where you cannot interact with the world and your stuff like in real world. So you NEED some kind of HUD or information to use your inputs accordingly.

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