How Do Bullets Work In Games?

Thousands of video games have guns and bullets in them, but between rounds of Apex Legends, Fortnite or Call of Duty, have you ever considered how your shot goes from barrel to bad-guy?

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the video! I've loved shooter games for years and wanted to get a little nerdy and talk about one of the major mechanics from one of my favourite genres.

    (ALSO, ABOUT THE THUMBNAIL…I know that's now how bullets, shells and cartridges work…but I tried both images and this one just looked better… Maybe one day I'll make a video about IRL bullets and then I promise the thumb will be accurate ;D )

  2. games be like
    Game: "you are using a sniper without aiming down sights?"
    Game: "well then the bullet will come out of the gun in diagonal"


  3. Hitscan: Wherever your crosshair is, thats where it goes, bullet travels at infinite speed

    Projectile: The bullet has to travel to your target

    Beam: The beam can go really far or really close Ex: like that beam sniper from apex legends or Zaryas beam gun from overwatch, it could be hit scan or projectile

    Bullet drop: The bullet that you shoot will start dropping or go down after a certain distance

    Damage drop off: The bullet that you shoot will decrease potential damage when in a certain distance

  4. "Bullets don't come out of guns like that"
    -Commenter on a video that explains why video game "bullets" aren't a real thing and are clever manipulations of math and tech to simulate the effect. But yeah, let's complain about that. FFS

  5. "realistic" bullet physics: you have 3 minutes to casually walk away from the path of a bullet shot by a sniper rifle 3 cm away from you.

  6. I wonder if there could be an in between with a hitscan that isn’t instant by either checking if the target is still there after a set amount of time before seeing if they get hit, or just delaying the shot for that determined amount of time if that is too complicated,

  7. I love how everyone is a gun nerd when looking at the thumbnail, but then would argue that its fine to shoot your bulletes straight from your reticle

  8. I'm pretty sure Insurgency Sandstorm used a hybrid method. Shots within a certain range are hitscan, but longer range shots are projectile.

  9. Bullets fly near or above the speed of sound, covering over 350 meters per second. In an FPS located in smaller rooms, corridors and halls, hitscan it totally fine. Physical simulation only makes sense when targets are more than 100 meters away.

  10. I honestly had a easier time adapting to the combat in battlefield tarkov and even arma 3 than in CSGO where i got deleted by mg2s after takin a 2 month break before which i was LEM

  11. This video is incorrect. In ballistic or physics based shooting games there still is no actual object in 3D space that leaves the barrel of the gun, travels through the 3D space, and then strikes or misses a target. The shot is taken, the calculation is performed, and then a series of graphical effects and sounds are produced. While the projectile will appear to "go through something" then "ricochet" then "hit a target" what actually happens is your weapon appears to fire and the game shows you these effects.

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