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Creating The Dark Comedy In Obsidian's The Outer Worlds

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Ben Hanson interviews the co-directors of Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds Tim Cain and Leon Boyarsky about the challenges of writing comedy in an RPG and the delicate balance between absurd and dark that the…

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  1. I really hope this game gets the attention it deserves and I hope the Outer Worlds will become a franchise. Obsidian deserves to grow into a bigger company to get the resources they need to make games with more content.

  2. I have no idea what the story is about and i have no idea whats going on half the time and thats something i like in video games not being able to know what the game is about until i get further into it

  3. I quite enjoyed The Outer Worlds for what it was, but their approach to this universe is so silly and tongue-in-cheek that it's only about as "dark" as old 40's era radio dramas. Aside from a few of the companion quests they clearly weren't that interested in exploring most of the serious themes or ideas hinted at along the way and usually found ways to undercut them. The fact that Tim Cain, bless his heart, loves playing zero intelligence characters the most for their dumb dialogue options is a testament to how little they take their universe seriously. And that's okay. I was fine with the mostly lighthearted tone.

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