Anthem Review

BioWare’s Anthem has good ideas, but most of those ideas don’t end up working well together.

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  1. Heya! I reviewed Anthem, and I'm also GameSpot's reviews editor! We're trying something different with video reviews–there's a short version on our site, and a longer version on YouTube. I'd love to hear what you think~

  2. Anthem review was beautiful. That was the most natural review! You took the word of mouth you hear in the street about a game and the professional review system from game review sites and combined them into a gorgeous hybrid. That is how a review should feel! A combination between formal and informal systems. Keep this up please!

  3. So , there goes my high expectations, nothing comes out of EA besides that Apex recently. I had hope for this game, almost iron man like gameplay but they failed to deliver a good game again….

  4. I don't give a crap, at least try to understand the freaking story, it's a great game getting trashed on which is causing it's downfall by peoples lack of willing to try it.

  5. So final verdict – Anthem should die in a fire? (apologies for digging up old drama but my mom died in a house fire and seeing her post that just upset me so much)

  6. This game is a piece of #### I can’t stand all the ####### issues I wish I could get my money back I’ve been doing free roam for about 3 hours exploring getting everything I can find doing everything that comes out I had a bunch of rare items so many things I did I’m so mad I can’t even think the ####### game just crashed and I lost all I did in 3 hours no experience gain lost all the rare items and weapons I’m not playing this anymore people don’t waste your money wait a couple of months to get the game way too many issues and a couple of months down the road with all the issues it will be less expensive

  7. Got Anthem for free with my graphic card, and played it for perhaps 5 hours in total, and I have simply lost all interest, at this time.. Totally stripped for motivation to keep playing.. Game lacks everything beside graphics to be fun and interesting.
    It has potential to become much better, but since its an EA title, you'll probably have to purchase several DLC's to get the complete game, as it should have been from the start.! 🙁

  8. the time i fist saw the trailer . i knew it will be like destiny . wrote it at that time . thats why i didnt pre ordered it . maybe when i buy the cd they will make it free n thn no one will buy the disc from me .

  9. So I was originally down with this new format until I checked out the "shorter" review on your website. I was expecting a standard 3-5 minutes video review, as we've had for the last 10-15 years… but instead it was a weird 1-2 minute video with tons of text to read… I wouldn't have a solid enough idea at the end of that video to make any informed decision.. it wasn't interesting or fun to watch either to be honest. What you did before was fine, having an additional longer "podcast review discussion" style video in addition is also very welcome.. but the video on the website should definitely be improved or changed in the style because it's kind of meh and pointless right now.

  10. I am subscribed to Gamespot mainly for the video reviews, but this is more like a review discussion, which is completely fine for whoever wants to go in depth in the reviewers opinions, but I don't think it replaces the old format. I hope you go back to that, even if you also keep doing review discussions.

  11. hate that i cant watch Gamespot reviews because they all have spoilers. seems totally counter productive seen as people are usually watching reviews to see if the game is worth buying.

  12. I really appreciate GameSpot's new approach to reviewing titles. This format provides personalization, engagement, and viewer immersion that the previous style suffered from.

  13. Oh, Bioware, why even – Whoever's been at the helm of the development team of their recent launch titles is not doing a good job. Disorientating their players at the expense of creative liberty produced the opposite of immersion.

  14. Bioware's development team really needs to strive towards building a bridge between their grandiose endeavors and the realistic delivery of innovative ideas.

  15. A 6 sounds pretty generous. It is ethically dubious to release a game that you know is unfinished. For Bioware/EA this is two games in a row they have released knowing it was subpar quality. That's shady business and they are now experiencing the side effects of treating clients like a $ sign only. Wake the hell up Bioware.

  16. If this game was made by Bioware, and Respawn, we could've had a great, maybe even a amazing game. All of these mistakes are on EA, I can't blame Bioware for this

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