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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Exclusive Coverage Trailer

Get ready for a full month of exclusive features and new gameplay for From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice from Game Informer. We’ll be rolling out exclusive videos, interviews with Miyazaki, and much more at

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  1. While most other game news outlets become political wankery sites masquerading as games journalism game informer keeps putting out great content

  2. 💛Sekiro has me really hyped, I never played dark souls or bloodborne cuz something about the style of it didn’t resonate, I may give them a go after playing shadows die twice, the idea of tenchu mechanics mixed with ninja gaiden esqe gameplay really get’s me excited 🤗

  3. I can't wait to get my hands on this been playing Dark Souls so I stay in the zone of being tortured and having endless nights with no sleep ahhh amazing

  4. This may not be a regular occurrence but Nintendo should partner with Sony to release a version of this game that’s streamed on the switch. And if the game is to big to function on the system, a strictly boss battle mode should be considered and playable on the switch. After seeing the success of the Doom Port theres very little reason as to why this couldn’t be possible. Plus the switch doesn’t really have a true Assassins game available at this time. This would be a welcomed addition to the Nintendo Switch.

    Actually this should be a pure boss battle mode.

  5. Don Labo that’s correct. For those reasons that game should be considered for the switch. If the developers want that game on the switch or at least a mini version. maybe that would make more players purchase the full game on the PS4.

  6. Fromsoftware is right there with Cd Project Red and Naughty dog as the best video game developers. Quality over quantity without the dlc Microtranactions crap. Sekiro most anticipated game of 2019. Also Bloodborne is my favourite game of all time.

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