Resident Evil 2 Review

In Capcom’s reimagining of Resident Evil 2 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the classic survival horror franchise embraces its past in a new, exciting way.

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  1. I like the original re2 way better. It was creepier and felt more legit with the angles and all.

    The remake is just that, feels too new, and there was something rickety about the original 2, the music, adventure, puzzles, rooms and all.

    It's like trying to fake a picasso

  2. I love the game but honestly was expecting it to look 3 times better and with better art style. The original police station was a friggin thing of beauty and colorful and clean. The police station main hall here was 5 times smaller and even then the visuals blur because it’s too big of an area for Xbox One X to run properly.
    Still love the game but somehow feels like a beta.

  3. I just bought this game on ps4 and it is absolutely amazing if anyone didn't get this game please buy it u won't be disappointed at all this is a masterpiece ?✌

  4. I've never really played a remake and thought "wow " ….spyro was a nostalgia trip
    …..crash was a reminder how games have changed.
    …..resident evil smashed it in every way. ????

  5. IGN's reviewer was pathetic and a liar. He claimed to be an old-school fan of Resident Evil but then commented how he liked that Resident Evil 2 remake had two scenarios which was something new and fresh. If he was really an old-school fan then he would have known the original Resident Evil 2 also has two scenarios so we caught him on his bullshit right there

  6. A good game, but not exactly my cup of tea. Too stressful. I didn't even care about playing the game with Leon after completing it with Claire. I didn't want to look at it anymore.

  7. This game just utilized its resources so much better than the 3 remake. RE2 remake was a masterpiece, no, nor on par with its OG but I really love both games.

  8. The graphics of this game are great, the zombies look nasty and awesome, the characters modelling and animation are amazing.

    On the other side, the gameplay, the main 3 things that I disliked about this game are the zombies being true bullet sponges (even for headshots!!!), I personally prefer that they doubled or tripled the zombies in this game, but that with 1 or 2 headshots you could take them down. This way they would maintain the tension but with less frustration.

    The other big complain I had with this game was the breakable knifes, the first time it happened to me was when I stabbed a zombie that grabbed me in a narrow passage and I thought it was a bug that made the knife disappear, but no, it was part of the gameplay, that is just ridiculous.

    And finally, the main thing I didn't like about the gameplay is just how restrictive is your character movement, how slow they run, you can't stomp the zombies in the head anymore, I just wish they make a RE with a much more realistic approach to gameplay, being able to crouch and hide, to sprint, to jump and reach some hidden places to explore, or even better, to use ANYTHING you have at hand as a weapon or a tool to combat the dead-walking menace (like a broomstick, a pipe, a wrench or even a keyboard to smash them in the head), this way it would feel much more realistic and grounded, because every time I saw a all the stuff lying around (specially inside the station) I would find myself saying out loud "Hey, I could use that as a weapon!"

    At the end, it looked amazing, but it felt disappointing from a gameplay perspective.

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