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New Gameplay Today – The Division 2's Dark Zone

Bertz joins Cork and Leo to show off The Division 2’s new approach to the PVE/PVP hybrid area The Dark Zone.
The Division 2 releases March 15th, with a recently announced private beta starting February 7th.

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  1. I'm sorry what? Did they just change the weather for Division 2? I'm playing The Division now and it legits looks exactly the same. Just another 60 bucks copy and paste.

  2. They usually like to downgrade the graphics after the trailer so… dang. The graphics weren’t even the thing that made the first one disappointing. And it all looks the same.

  3. Thats really fckd what you said about Tom Clancy you didn't have the decency to edit that out idk why they allowed you show this game and get away with saying this . UBISOFT you shouldn't let these scumbags handle your products .

  4. Would love to see Ubisoft's take and attention to city detail on London. Exploring NYC was literally one of my favourite things about the original, but it's always US so I think London would be a cool change of scenery.

  5. I'm glad they removed the fucking snow, I couldn't play the first one too much because it gave me a dark wet depressed metallic feeling, fuck.

  6. Yeah but what if the player hack??? The powerfull damage one bullet can kill really, that division 1 trouble. Maybe division 2 have some protection about player hack, that UBISOFT problems

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