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New Gameplay Today – Anthem

Miller sits down with Suriel to discuss gameplay impressions from a recent preview event for Bioware’s loot shooter.

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  1. It's using Andromedas mechanics in a much more high action title that will utilize it better, I'm a fan of how Andromeda plays and more so how they just made it better in this.

  2. New games will always look cool but dun hype too fast because the main issue is will anthem got future? Like warframe after so many year some people started to complain warframe is boring but will warframe always stay like this? and will anthem always give great progress? we will never know so please stop compare and said warframe is boring anthem is great… crap

  3. If it's a nice grindfest with trading and good itemization it will succeed. If not, it's dead on arrival. People don't play these games for the shooting or the graphics, there's dozens of other games that offer these things and are better at it. People play this type of game for the sense of achievement you get from losing your social life, your wife and your job to finally get that GG item with perfect stats.
    If you can't have that, then the game will be dogshit. Basically, devs who are developing this kind of game should always give a good look at Diablo 2 itemization and loot tables.

  4. Update, yeah… just played on pc – its really bad to my taste… flying is boring, slow … gunplay weak and unprecise.. the customization is cool. But thats all for me at least…. A really, REALLY bad game … somehow made me remember about lost planet from capcom on 360 , but worst in every gameplay aspect … a bummer 🙁

  5. I wanna like this game but I swear these environments are so boring and just don't mesh well imo. I'm sure it's a perfectly playable game though. And somehow I think this nails parts of Warframe better than warframe does… I am so fucking confused what to do here.

  6. My normie friends forced me to pre order this game. I can’t even play the demo because it won’t work. I shouldn’t just stuck to real games, like MHW and Sekiro. 😞

  7. Wow you all are quick to cut a game down just because “Bioware” is slapped on the cover. First of all, this is not Biowares “B” team behind this, it’s their “A” team so im already behind this. Also i played some of the demo and was very intrigued by it. One thing that I will say though is that the framerate would drop sometimes because there was a lot going on at once, but all in all, I think people will enjoy this

  8. The demo sold me on this game. I suggest giving it a shot and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I had low expectations going in too.

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