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New Gameplay And Details On Creating Sekiro's Combat

In this exclusive Game Informer video, Ben Hanson interviews Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s lead game designer Masaru Yamamura about designing combat and how it differs from his work on Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The video contains a lot of new…

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  1. I love fromsoftware if there going to make a new game they are going to make it feel different from their other games. Pre ordering in my opinion is a bad idea but if it is a fromsoftware game it's fucking worth every penny.

  2. I hate to say it but this really is a sort of tenchu successor because tenchu is the clear inspiration yet they aren’t making another tenchu. So it’s kind of red herring. The grappling hook the death blow, and long stretch but even the tools are reminiscent of tenchu. I’m not complaining this is the closest to tenchu as we’re ever going to get

  3. I was hoping that we would get a remake of Tenchu by FromSoft, but this is pretty cool that they took elements from those games to incorporate into Sekiro. Can't wait to play this game in a months time!

  4. So it's dark souls with only a katana. gotcha. Actually, it's just Nioh. The whole posture thing is just Kai from Nioh. It even has the killing blow shit.

  5. I'm worried the deflect system will be like trying to complete Dark Souls only using parrys and counter attacks. My reactions just ain't that good.

  6. i wish i could love from software games, but i play games to play, not to spend days learning how to play each enemy, many learned it quick, i just can´t, i'm unpatient and get pissed off after few tries, or get killed at last minute.

  7. Great content, gameinformer. One questions though was a bit… cringy. "Is it the biggest design challange you've had so far in your career?" like come on man, what's he supposed to say to that? lol

  8. To make sure everyone starts picking up the parry approach, most of the npc or boss hits/skills are camera locked on to your character, with some exceptions. Ingenious combat design, and having to block or parry really heightens the sense of engaging the game, instead of dodging predictable animations all the time.

  9. One of my favorite ways to kill in DS3 was to use the Knight Slayer Ring and kicks to shield break and riposte. Sekiro is essentially a fleshed out version of that exact same play style and I love it.

  10. 1:27 no joke I was expecting him to say he was terrified to make a new battle system but the fact that he said he was excited is literally the coolest shit ive heard considering how hard programming game mechanics can be (especially to from soft standards), this is what all game devs should aspire to be

  11. After playing this game, I can say for sure that it sets the bar high for combat playstyle for games. Sekiro is the best so far. Not for button smashers seriously, the flow and sounds of swords clashing and parries are like divine strings to my ear as a gamer and sword lover.

  12. >"Katana on Katana action"
    >Yeah, except the bosses with guns, the ones with spears, the fucking ape, the … whatever is the demon of hatred… You know, sword on sword

    (ng+15 btw)

  13. I like how the interviewer asks deflecting is the only new thing and the director is actually pretending that it's different than other souls games they have been making. At this point it's pokemon games. Same games with different skins music and few little new features.

  14. this is exactely what you feel like while playing sekiro … because they are masters of their craft and its so satisfying to see them talk about what they want you to feel while playin and they absolutely deliver ….i had a huge huge smile while listening to these devs …
    thank you from software <3

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