Mortal Kombat 11 Official Story Reveal | MK11 Reveal Event

Ed Boon presents the campaign story of MK 11 at the Mortal Kombat reveal event.

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  1. Can y'all imagine if they remastered mk deception konquest or made one of the new mk a konquest with a huge konquest world like 7 realms with nice graphics. Seeing all your favourite mk characters in their respected realms

  2. Time travel, we'll see how it's handled but it can always becomes such a cop out or even MORE confusing of a plot. Hopefully Boon and his team really worked hard on this story mode.

  3. The Elder Gods are the Evil ones
    Think about it shinnok was one of them and decide eh I’ll take over the realm.
    I’m pretty sure the elder Gods own the realm tamed it so to say.
    Like Kratos said
    “ Men shouldn’t prey to Monsters”
    Meaning the Gods all Gods.
    Therefore Raiden is a God / Monster
    He was Good
    Now he is a Evil person come on now is now one else seeing this?
    Loop hole
    Raiden was good now evil, good in mkx now evil again on MK11
    Samething with Mk 8 and Mk 9
    I’m pretty sure liu Kang was Raidens son
    But who knows?
    This is just a story told by one man
    And everyone just follows due to the violence and blood and the get over here.
    Honestly I think this game has missing parts like come on who pays the guy coins to play the story line?
    Then you have to pay E money to play even more to your addiction?
    This is getting out of hand lol
    Anyways MK11 is just another Thanos story time travel and blah blah same shit different guy who writes this stuff.

  4. Am I the only one who feels bad for Shinnok in an old man sense? I understand he’s a genocidal maniac but man he seems like a frail old man and I feel bad for him.

  5. Mortal Kombat 11 is going to be huge. I play the game since MK1 and it has always been my favourite fighting game. I can't wait for it 😀

  6. "I will destroy OUR enemies." Raiden is talking to himself as after that he says to Shinnok, "Starting with you!" Theories anybody? The amulet took control of him?

  7. Whaaaat?…so she was planning all this since the beginning. All this yrs not real. Wait am I dreaming or this another shit the matrix is putting in my head. I think my spoon just bend but in reality I didn’t have any spoon. 😧😧

  8. what the heck are these comments : MK 13 14 15 16…………… !!! waste of time and not funny at all ! Ed Boon and his stuff work hard to bring you a big game you fools and you re making funn of them ! show some respect !

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