Mortal Kombat 11 Official Gameplay Reveal Event

Witness the first showcase of Mortal Kombat 11’s gameplay revealed in this livestream with NetherRealms Studios.

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  1. Tweedy is gonna be dead in before season 1 content drops for this game if dude doesnt get his health in order…. thats the biggest I've ever seen him man… sad shit honestly… He jiggles in places that would make Cardi B jealous and Nicki Minaj green with envy! Seriously though… why does MK always bring out the freaks? Same thing with smash… you don't see this type of shit at Tekken or Street Fighter…

  2. Damn Netherrealm, can you get some better face scans for the female characters? In Injustice 2 the ladies looked good.

    Other than Skarlet a the chicks shown looked like hamburger meat in the face, way too masculine.

  3. So the question is, are we going to have to earn coins to unlock these items and if so, will it be unnecessarily grindy like it was in Injustice.
    I hope they don’t make you earn all those different types of currency then force you to buy coins because you can’t earn that much from the game itself.
    No predatory money schemes please.
    Just give us the game with content that we can earn by simply playing and not grinding our selfs into nothingness.

  4. The damn hype dude killed the event for me. He was like those dicks who go door to door selling vacuums. I'm gonna buy it dude, quit trying to sell it to me.

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