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More New Details About From Software's Sekiro: Shadows Die

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show, Ben Hanson and Dan Tack answer questions from the community about Game Informer’s trip to From Software to interview Hidetaka Miyazaki and play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for the new cover story….

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  1. i really enjoy the exclusive seikiro content but cmon guys these questions coming from game informer and other fromsoft fans are cringy. stop asking them if they will have x y or z like dark souls. its clearly not in the same wheel house and they have said this in two interviews now lol.

    i swear. they could announce a new armored core game and people would still ask if it will be more like dark souls. jesus

  2. The action in this game is going to be SICK!! I was sad about not getting a Bloodborne 2 but this looks really good. Comparable to Bloodborne in some ways. Still really look forward to the inevitable sequel. I don’t care what you say Miyazaki! It’s going to happen lol.

  3. This year is feeling like 2017 all over again with great Japanese games coming from big devs early this spring, The Division 2 coming March just like Ghost Reacon Wildlands coming out the same in 2017, and alot of great films coming too especially sequels. And also Mk11 coming in April.

  4. Can't wait for journos to complain about "no black people in Sekiro" just like they did with Witcher 3 even though it makes no sense within in the setting of the game..!

  5. If having a moonlight weapon was an icon of FromSoft, Armored Core would have it. FromSoft is way more than just the SoulsBorne games.

  6. dont get excited about this game its gonna be shitty hard wank game with no save option just like bloodborne n dark souls shit …so prepare to die 10 millions time just to pass the first part of the game just dont get mad n lose ur shitvn break some tv or a controller enjoy the shit from softshit

  7. I bet "the moonlight greatsword" will come as a form of a prosthetic tool. You press the button and you shoot out or swing a blade of moonlight energy, like in the other games. The combos with that would be awesome!

  8. Why can’t people just buy the game and discover it for themselves? Honestly, why people continually want spoilers is becoming ridiculous.

    The game of the year 2018, God of War had epic moments in, that no one knew about until they discovered them for themselves. If people want epic moments in games, have them yourself without spoiling the moment.

  9. I don’t believe Miyazaki at all on his saying there is no moonlight Greatsword. There is definitely going to be an equivalent somewhere. This man is a known liar, lol.

  10. I am literally dieing to play this, I just think the posture mechanic is genius. And I'm not even getting started on the grapple hook. They've obviously done it again, their games are somewhat challenging masterpieces.

  11. Soooo only one weapon type (and maybe only one weapon period), no character creation, no customization (fashion souls), no stats.

    Meanwhile Nioh 2 is going to implement character creation (both genders).

    I despise all that farming / grinding bullshit from Nioh, do.
    Dammit, just announce Bloodborne 2 already, you fux!

  12. Is the souls community just super retarded? Miyazaki said these call backs won't be in the game because its feudal Japan and they're like "it'll probably be in it" what? Lol

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