Metro Exodus Takes The Series In A Risky New Direction

We played four hours of 4A’s upcoming Metro Exodus on Xbox One, and have a lengthy discussion about the shooter’s shift into sandbox survival.

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  1. honestly with what i have seen of this game i like what i am seeing the survival aspects look like there done better then the few others out there from what i have seen but that just my view on it

  2. Can't help but notice the trailers are always using that o/u double barrel shogun but no revolving shotgun. Please tell me they didn't get rid of it. I love the Uboinik.
    Oh wait I see it in the weapon trailer, nvm.

  3. Metro Exodus bored the crap out of me. I definitely prefer linear story games, they always give you something to do while games like Metro Exodus bore the crap out of you.

  4. I am woried in what direction this game is gona take!I hope is not gona be in the future another open world shit like Far Cry and Assassins Creed shit! Why try to improve if the recepy was perfect?

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