Kingdom Hearts III Review

Sora, Donald, and Goofy return in Kingdom Hearts 3, and while their story may be hard to follow, it’s a fun one to experience nonetheless.

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  1. The review feels like is the reviewer's first foray into the franchise… in which case he's doing it wrong. All the games are on PS4, you have no excuse not to do your homeworks.

  2. Big KH fan but they disappointed us. No way this game gets more than a 7. Still good, but incredibly underwhelming.

  3. Unfulfilling!? The ending was so nuts. I literally had to go on a walk and buy a pack of cigarettes to handle everything that was delivered at the end. I finally got to save aqua ven and terra. Had an epic battle vs ALLLLLLL kingdom hearts main antagonist sometimes more than one at a time. The ending was insanely fulfilling everyone got back together Mickey finally got to go back home I dunno man the ending was nuts for me

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