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Inside The Creation Of Sekiro's Soundtrack With Yuka Kitamura

In this exclusive Game Informer video, From Software composer Yuka Kitamura takes us inside the process of creating the new soundtrack for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and how it compares to her work on Dark Souls and Bloodborne. You can learn more…

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  1. She has been working with Miyazaki for so many games. And all of her gaming music pieces are masterpieces and complement games very well! I love it that there are alway different background music around players during the entire playthrough, that is fantastic and draws playes into Sekiro's world! Love her~

  2. Her music is so beautiful, she manages to capture so much emotion and storytelling in her work. All of my favorite fromsoft soundtracks are composed by Yuka Kitamura, her music adds an entire dimension onto already amazing and capitivating games.

  3. The abyss watchers theme is legendary … U can feel the meanings of the music and the expression of their their story in the music the nobility of their mission the strength of their believe in it and the dedication that puah em to sacrifice anything for tge sake of theie quest

  4. Эта девушка легенда, фантастическая.. она сделала эти игры прекрасными. Bravo…???

  5. From Software big boss and management please to know Yuka is definitely talent and legendary producer in the game history , just listen dark souls 3 – sister friede !

  6. She creating so many great songs, I who have no talent at all understand how difficult it is to create anything that is good, but she has created so many great tracks for the game that only one word can describe her a genius. One of the tracks I like the most in games is Epilogue and DarkEater Midir because it has more vocals and violins.

  7. Very talented, it's a real pity they don't compensate a BGM composer with a good salary in Japan. All whilst working them to the bone.

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