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How Tutorials Work in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s lead game designer Masaru Yamamura explains how tutorials work in the upcoming game. The team at From Software is hoping to craft a better “onboarding” experience for players…

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  1. Wow some people are so ridiculous complaining about something of little importance such as tutorial? What the fuck is wrong with you? Don't u trust Fromsoft? Such a crying babies

  2. The way they describe it, it sounds like the least obtrusive tutorial system possible, yet I still see a lot of people here sounding like they've been personally attacked. Its not like the souls games haven't had pseudo tutorials before. They've always had tutorials area filled with notes on how to play. This doesn't sound that different, could maybe even be better. The last thing From Software games need is to be more unapproachable, you can have a hard and rewarding game and still be approachable. The worst thing about the soulsborne community is our elitism at times. There is no sense praising what even From Software recognized as clunky or outdated just because we feel better of ourselves for dealing with it.

    So lets withhold judgement when we still don't know a lot and also always remember, this isn't a soulsborne game. They never intended it to be and I'm honestly glad. After playing them all from demon souls to dark soul 3 as much I loved them the formula was getting old. Probably why I like bloodborne so much because despite being essentially very similar its still enough of a mix up to feel fresher than the rest.

    Anyway rant over. I look forward to playing Sekiro with you all once its out.

  3. As cool as this games looks, I really can't help but feel this is either an rpg version of Ghost of Tsushima or just a poor man's version of Ghost of Tsushima :/

  4. So much contrasting opinion. I like the previous games way of putting tutorials on the floor, similar to how another player would do. When you do another play through, you can ignore them and not deal with annoying “tutorial pops” like in other Japanese games. I thought the previous games tutorials are enough, the deeper mechanics are not required to finish the game anyway (weapon interactions etc…). Oh well it’s an Activision game.

  5. I trust From more than any other dev on earth. Does anyone really think Miyazaki is the kind of man who compromises on his vision just because some big publisher is on-board?

  6. Tl;dr

    Activision made them put tutorials into the game and these tutorials will appear and hold your hand throughout the entire story mode.

  7. that moment when you realize Sekiro graphically destroys Ghost of Tsushima! From Software started a brand new engine from the ground up and look at this monumental achievement! Ghost of Tsushima looks very cartoony and not very photorealistic like Sekiro does. Also the textures, Anisotropic Filtering, Ambient Occlusion, and overall environment and character detail, not to mention lighting/raytracing used for the first time this gen is a huge step up above Ghost of Tsushima. Cant wait for the collectors edition coming right on my bday!

  8. Thinking you don't need any tutorials AT ALL is just the height of arrogance. FROM have the right idea that tutorials allow you to show off the new mechanics you've worked hard to implement.

  9. The Activision part has me worried. I've been a From fan since Tenchu and every game they made was harsh but extremely rewarding, when you finally got the hang of it. With Activision having a say on such a game company, i fear for the worst. We've seen them turning WoW into an rng mindless slugfest and their flagship game, Destiny, was the epitome of paywall and pay to win. So i don't like that suggestion one bit…

  10. I loved the approach they took to tutorials in DSIII. You could read a few notes, if you wished. It would be great if they made tutorials optional in the settings.

  11. Everyone freaking out about the tutorial not being like in DS has not fully listened to this interview it seems. It's not a DS game!! He even explains that the tutorial would be good for Soulsborne veterans, because it is NOT Soulsborne. It is not a spiritual successor to those games, it is a brand new IP thus the gameplay is different (it also has no in-game online functions), so all our gameplay knowledge from their previous games won't help us here and to make that more clear, we will need the game to explain how it is different, so we understand how to approach it and don't die over and over right at the beginning.

    To put it simply: This is not Dark Souls, this is something new and different. It doesn't matter if you've beaten all their previous games, those skills won't help you here. We are all going to start on the same skill level with this game, so a tutorial is definitely a wise choice to make us understand that.

  12. Activision and EA and microsoft and bethesda those four don't give 100% freedom to developers to do what they see right , for example in this activision pushing themselves even in toturials , for fuck sake let software do what they see right , and btw they are just the publishers for this title so just imagine their actions on studios they own ( no freedom at all )

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