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GI Show – 2019's Most Anticipated Games, Division 2, Destiny And Bungie's Future

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Joe Juba, Kyle Hilliard, and Matt Bertz run down their most-anticipated games for 2019 and share new information on Metro Exodus and The Division 2 from Ubisoft. Then Suriel Vazquez joins the show to talk about the…

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  1. I know joker getting intro smash is a big deal, but why assume that persona r thing is going to be on switch? I'd love it if it was on switch but the only thing persona related on Nintendo is the spin off persona q on 3ds. (Is persona q2 even coming to the west for 3ds?) It just seems a bit crazy to think persona 5 would come to switch.

  2. I like the idea of having more news stories on the show. But where was wasteland 3 in the years most anticipated games!? That game’s gonna be dope

  3. Anthem is looking better and better with every update, I think it will surprise a lot of people with how good it is.
    As with all of these types of games the big question is how robust the end game content is.

  4. 2:37:20 my first time beating pokemon blue when I was little was with just a team of basics. Bellsprout was my favorite.. well, still is. I just beat let's go eevee with a basic bellsprout and I got the bellsprout master trainer title ^^

  5. Speaking of having a base that changes over time making games better – that is what made Ashen so compelling, having the town of Vagrant's Rest develop over time was fantastic, it gave it that little something extra.

  6. Top 3 most anticipated games of 2019 for me:

    1. Resident Evil 2
    2. Days Gone
    3. Anthem

    Death Stranding and LoU2 won't be out this year, but 2019 is sstill going to be a stellar year!!

  7. no keep the podcast long if you do any extra short things def put them in a separate playlist I love putting on the podcast playlist and letting it play before bedtime and nothing would be worse then little 10 min snippets interrupting everything

  8. Do you think Destiny story can be improved by making it Mature?… I say this bc Anthem is also going to be T for Teen and I worry we are not going to be blown away by a great story telling, low expectations?

  9. Hell yeah, The Wild Bunch is a masterpiece. Also, totally true about using "that" in writing, along with the word "very"

    And OMG Metal Gear Solid 2 is one of the best things ever made. This Podcast is making me and Kyle soulmates.

  10. Destiny already does that same thing that the Division 2 is doing. In general PvP stats are all equalized, only advantage you really have is what exotics you may own. BUT they do cycle in a week long event: Iron Banner where your light level actually matters.

  11. Why was an email about someone dying picked? It was such a downer. I don't listen to this podcast to get upset, be smart and don't do it again.
    (Equal blame to whoever sent it as an email, you suck)

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