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Exclusive Interview On Creating Sekiro's New World

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, we speak with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s lead concept designer Tetsu Takahashi and graphics engineer Takasuke Ando about working at From Software and the refreshing challenge of creating an entirely new…

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  1. Well i really like japanese culture, and now there're 3 games that coming out in this setting, Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima, Nioh 2, damn I think my wallet started running from me. ??

  2. I remember randomly going into a GameStop to buy a game. I settled on bloodborne after doing a Google search and seeing positive reviews. I started playing and was outraged by how hard it was and was completely pissed off. I just didn't "get it". Then I picked it up again later and finally "got it". FromSoftware makes some incredible games and I look forward to this one. Video games are art damnit!

  3. When playing Bloodborne I had to constantly stop and admire the architecture. There is seemingly endless care and detail put into these vast cathredals and unclean streets. I have no doubt Sekiro will blow my mind even further, as these lads are masters of their craft.

  4. I’m so fucking excited. A new FromSoft world…nothing better. By far the most creative developer and artists making games now, they’re actually the only games I can play.

  5. shame theres a total lack of attention to detail…blade damage on enemies after kill, blood on character's sword/clothes, blood splatter on ground/surrounding objects etc etc

  6. Can you make the graphics not cartoony instead making it photorealistic and also the movement of the character is still to stiff not fluid enough feels like a robot/wooden doll and the colour often like metal instead of skin flesh colour, it would make this game better if you can fix it

  7. Sekiro is the best thing I've played in a long while. Even though I know its silly, I already look forward to potential DLCs!

  8. Similar to DS series and Bloodborne, Sekiro is definitely beyond gaming and entertainment. As you get immersed in its world and the esoteric lore, It gradually becomes part of your subconscious. An authentic Shinobi experience from the true masters of the craft.

  9. One of the best games i have ever played and i dont say this lightly.
    The combat is addictive, the world is beautiful, the characters feel important, the pace is good and the music gives every location or specific enemies their own character.
    While mthe NG+ does not offer as much as Dark Souls Games, the game itself is just phenomenal.
    Well done.

    I cannot wait for more Sekiro.

  10. The actual product being that close to the initial concept is mind-bending. Nothing marketing related will ever get me as excited as that for a product. Sheer, mastercrafted execution.

  11. From are the greatest devs around. The last true studio. Not caught up in profit, instead caring for experience and worth of a game.

  12. From what i can see, the company these genius folks are working for give a freaking crap about a nice atmosphere at work. Just ugly, plain workplaces. I feel sorry for people in this industry.

  13. This is peak Fromsoft in my opinion. Emphasis on combat and everything felt fair no gimmicky bullshit. I hope Elden ring takes inspiration from sekiro

  14. right now I'm on my third playthrough ng+3 and I just can't bring myself to start a new playthrough cuz ashina castle is designed perfectly I just keep running around it so I can build my own castle in minecraft

  15. So glad this project really took off because it might set the stage for more amazing games with new mechanics and a lot more creative freedom for the team. For me sekiro is peak FS atm and I think it is time to stray away from the traditional RPG Dark souls formula

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